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1.       robin hurt
5 posts
 22 Sep 2004 Wed 10:45 pm

could some body tell me how to say in turkish "do you have eny id" thanks

2.       admin
754 posts
 23 Sep 2004 Thu 12:21 am

If what you mean is "Do you have any idea?" than you can say "Bir fikrin var mı?"

If you want to say "Do you have an ID?", a way to say it can be "Kimliğin var mı?"

I think it was the first one anyway, because the second sentence doesn't make much sense as it is.

3.       alyaa
115 posts
 10 Oct 2004 Sun 10:42 pm

in turkish movies they always use (cocuklar) as if they mean friends but is not friends mean dostlar?
and what is the difrence between
(dostlar) and (arkadaslar)

4.       admin
754 posts
 11 Oct 2004 Mon 10:34 pm

Çocuklar means 'children', but young people use it also with a meaning like 'friends'. I think the best word to use for 'friends' is arkadaşlar. Dost means a little more than friend, it has the meaning of a very strong and close friendship. But you can still say dostlar for 'friends'.

>in turkish movies they always use (cocuklar) as if
>they mean friends but is not friends mean dostlar?
>and what is the difrence between
>(dostlar) and (arkadaslar) "

5.       itismo
3 posts
 18 Nov 2004 Thu 04:04 am

on this site you say that "why" is "neden" but I've only heard people use "niye" for "why".....is niye just more common?

6.       admin
754 posts
 19 Nov 2004 Fri 07:47 am

For why, you can use:

- neden?
- niye?
- niçin?

These all have the same meaning, but niye is the most common one in daily conversations I guess, as you pointed out. Niçin sounds a little too polite for everyday use, and neden has a somewhat more formal tone. You can use all three anyway, the difference is minor.

on this site you say that "why" is "neden" but I've only heard people use "niye" for "why".....is niye just more common?

7.       irishdon
143 posts
 28 Nov 2004 Sun 11:14 am

I live in Italy and there is a lot of importance placed on the use of 'formal' italian when talking with important people or people who are older. is there the same importance in the Turkish language and what are the main forms of addressing a person formally?

8.       ali
70 posts
 29 Nov 2004 Mon 05:02 am

In turkish language, there is also a similar differentiation in terms of being "formal".

Pronouns in Turkish are as follows:

ben: I
sen: you
o: he/she/it
biz: we
siz: you
onlar: they

In English, plural and singular form pronoun "you" is the same. In contrast, as you noticed, they are not he same in Turkish. ("sen" vs. "siz"). Normally, in daily language hile talking to a friend, you use "sen", to address that person. However, if you want to be formal then you use the plural form of you, i.e., "siz" to address the person as if you are talking to a group of people. All the suffixes coming after verbs according to the tense you are using also adjusted so as to adapt them to the pronoun "siz".
For instance, to ask a person where he/she is from in a formal way, you can say:
"Siz nerelisiniz?"
whereas same question infomally can be asked as:
"Sen nerelisin?"
As you see, the only differences are the pronoun and the verb adjustments made according to the pronoun.
This message just illustrates a basic case, there are other more complicated structures used in formal sentences. However, at this level, more on this would make things discouragingly more complicated.
Hope this helps.

9.       irishdon
143 posts
 30 Nov 2004 Tue 03:14 pm

Tesekkùr edirim...that information helps me a bit

10.       noneed4name
1 posts
 13 Dec 2004 Mon 04:50 pm

Let me give you two examples on the use of "sen" and "siz";
Parli francese? (Sen)Fransızca konusuyor musun? (you-informal)
Lei parla francese?- (Siz)Fransızca konusuyor musunuz? (you-formal)

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