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Living - working in Turkey

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Foreigners working in Turkey
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10.       lady in red
6947 posts
 19 Sep 2008 Fri 06:55 pm


Quoting ashleightanner

 Ye i mean´t citizen!!!!!{#lang_emotions_shy} doh!!!! Also is there s difference between living permit and residency permit? what do you ned for a residant permit? Sorry to keep asking questions.

If you apply for a living permit then while your out there can you apply for the residency permit?


 Not sure what you mean by a ´living permit´.  You can have 3 month visitor´s visa which you have to keep renewing by leaving the country.  For resident´s permit you have to prove you have sufficient income to ´meet your needs´ - i.e. live off!  A permanent address (can be rented accommodation) and a tax number.  You can get residency for one or two years to start with - they will give up to 5 years but most people seem to be given a maximum of 2 to start with.  Cost last year was 980 ytl per person for 2 years.  So you could come out on a 3 month´s visa and apply for residency as long as you can meet the conditions - or - you could take a day-trip to one of the Greek Islands (if you are near enough) or if you are in Istanbul for example you could cross over into Bulgaria to renew your visa.  But if you intend to go for citizenship you really need the residency permit.

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11.       oana2009
18 posts
 09 Nov 2008 Sun 10:20 pm



i will move to turkey, Eskisehir, starting with midd of January 2009 and i started to search for a job or, at least, to have an idea about what´s happening on the Turkish job openings market.


what clues can u give me? what sites should i access? i entered to www.turkeyjoblink.com, what are the other ones?


i am not a native english speaker, but i am fluent. i am from romania.


if there are other people on the same situation and if the native turkish people can help me with some valuable info, i would be very happy and i thank u in advance for your time and your info.


cok tesekkur ederim!



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12.       yeoman
7 posts
 04 Jan 2009 Sun 10:37 pm





In Romania do they speak any Russian?


Speaking Russian and Turkish will land you a job at a Resort as a manager.





Hope this helps

13.       oana2009
18 posts
 04 Jan 2009 Sun 10:51 pm

thank u very much for your answer

in romania there are some people speaking russian, but myself, i speak only romanian, english and some turkish.

so, i have to improve my turkish and i hope i can find a job.

thank you again, for your kind reply!

iyi geceler!


14.       Melek74
1506 posts
 26 Jan 2009 Mon 07:44 pm


Quoting catwoman

Foreigners who fall into the exemption category because of reciprocity, general principles of international law and European Union law do not need a work permit or visa for employment in Turkey. For instance, in the case of Turkey’s accession to the EU, the notion of alien will transform, so the legislation has already been harmonized to ensure adaptation for the future situation.


Does that mean EU passport holders do not need a work permit? {#lang_emotions_bigsmile}

15.       karinalinares
684 posts
 06 Feb 2009 Fri 09:03 pm

I am plannig to go to the University, does it mean that I don´t need permission to work? so I would be allowed?

16.       ciccareli
4 posts
 12 Oct 2009 Mon 11:00 am



I would like to know about working in Antalya,during season and after..

Anyway has any info or exp ? As I noticed,Antalya is a friendly city for foreign people

17.       Melike1
388 posts
 12 Oct 2009 Mon 11:05 am


Quoting ciccareli



I would like to know about working in Antalya,during season and after..

Anyway has any info or exp ? As I noticed,Antalya is a friendly city for foreign people


It can be a friendly city but you will still need a work permission Wink

Do you speak Turkish ? Where are you from ?

I dont know any job for you but maybe i can advice you something.

18.       ciccareli
4 posts
 12 Oct 2009 Mon 11:12 am

Well Im from Lithuania,Im learning turkish step by step and not planning to go to live to Turkey before i learn at least some of it. I believe its important

19.       Melike1
388 posts
 12 Oct 2009 Mon 11:24 am

Hm ok. What languages do you speak ?

I myself worked in the foreign department of a hospital, but for that kind of job its easy and necessary to know a few languages and some Turkish would be easy too. Also Ý worked in a pharmacy but my job was translating from Dutch-English-German to Turkish and the other way around, not easy and off course necessary to know quite some turkish.

I worked also as a guide but that cant be the work you want because its only seasonwork and you are looking for the whole year...

I wanted to say if your english is good you can give lessons but also therefor you need Turkish You crazy?

20.       ciccareli
4 posts
 12 Oct 2009 Mon 11:37 am

Thank you for your answer

I lived in Holland for a year,so I know alittle bit of dutch,also some german,russian,lithuanian and for sure english,im hoping to add turkish to this list  

In case Im thinking to come around february , so i think I could even start at seasonal work,improve my turkish and look for other work,Im still searching how to do best,I know some people in Antalya,but mostly turks,so foreign ppl oppinion really important for me


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