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Say Hello in Your Language
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10.       damalianti
84 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 12:40 pm

In albanian language here are some greetings:

Miremengjes-Good Morning

Tungjatjeta-I wish you a long life(the exact translation) or Hello

Mirupafshim-Good bye

Naten e mire-Good night

Diten e mire-Good day

11.       Aslan
1070 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 01:51 pm

In swedish we say:


12.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 02:03 pm

Ever considered replying someone who says 'hello!' to you by sayıng 'two hellos to you!'

Well, Arabs do...Merhaba is a common hello in Arabic too, and the usual reply is Merhabteyn (which means 2 hellos)

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13.       angelina-Melek
105 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 02:08 pm

Zdoroven'ki buly! - in Ukranian

14.       miclutza
38 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 03:58 pm

Buna - Romanian
Salut - Romanian

Merhaba - turkish

15.       bod
5999 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 04:04 pm


16.       Moongirl
55 posts
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 04:49 pm

Sawasdee ( thai )

17.       gül
 20 Jan 2006 Fri 06:24 pm

Hallå! (swedish)

18.       goner
506 posts
 21 Jan 2006 Sat 06:00 pm

你好= selam in chinese-tapei
こんにちは = selam in japanese

ya da ben sallıyorum hehe

bide bunlar var

Privet! = selam in russian
hola= selam en espanol
ciao = selam in italiano

19.       Gul Canim
394 posts
 21 Jan 2006 Sat 08:30 pm

in dutch:

Goedendag - Iyi Günler

Goedemorgen - Günaydın

Goedemiddag - Tünaydın

Goedenavond - Iyi Akşamlar

Goedenacht - Iyi geceler

Hallo / Hoi - Merhaba

20.       Leann
37 posts
 24 Jan 2006 Tue 08:49 am

Selam - Hi

Apa Khabar - How Are You

Selamat Pagi- Good Morning

Selamat Petang- Good Evening

Selamat Malam- Good NIght

Selamat Datang- Welcome

Malay Language from Malaysia

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