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What are you listening now?
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1.       SuiGeneris
3922 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 12:03 am

you know it would be impossible to stand the world...
so lets start a thread like this.. what are you listening now? it would be enjoyable just for fun!

now i will start... this is the song that i was listenning in radios for a month and searching now i will listen it 15th times i am not glomorizing

here it it

Kent - Music Non-stop

2.       sophie
2712 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 12:09 am

Everything burns - Ben Moody and Anastacia
is on the radio right now

3.       *~*sian*~*
14 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 12:34 am

I've got MTV on, franz ferdinand you're so lucky is on now...........don't really like it though

4.       Elisa
0 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 12:40 am

Erykah Badu - Puff (with Lenny Kravitz)

5.       slavica
814 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 03:26 am

Dance Me To The End Of Love - Leonard Cohen

6.       Aslan
1070 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 01:46 pm

Good bye my lover - James Blunt

...and tonight I will see him live in Stockholm...

7.       bod
5999 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 03:12 pm

A news bulletin on Local Radio!!!

8.       sophie
2712 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 04:26 pm

Silly advertisements on Star Fm

9.       bod
5999 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 05:01 pm

VNV Nation :: Epicentre

10.       mara
145 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 05:13 pm

Bilinmeyen Sanatçy - Parça .. although i don't understand any of his dutch

(7218 Messages in 722 pages - View all)
[1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...  >>
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