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Suggestions about TurkishClass
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1.       admin
757 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 05:02 am

A forum for suggestions about the web site was offered by both weber and bod. I think it is better to have this as a sticky thread instead of a separate forum. All suggestions and ideas for improving the site are welcome. Even if the changes are not implemented immediately, they will be recorded here in this thread for reference when necessary.

2.       webber
1 posts
 25 Jan 2006 Wed 08:29 am

1-Organizing Contents: Now that there are a considerable number of posts, lots of stuff need to be organized in the “Turkish Language Forum Section”. A thread to discuss how best to organize it can be started and a list of updateable tasks can be distributed to volunteers to put all these grammar and translation posts in two conclusive pages.

2-Tasks & volunteers: Many members seem to be willing to contribute to the site one way or another. A list of ongoing tasks can be prepared and posted in a dedicated thread. Volunteers can pick tasks best suited for them.

3-Personal Detailes: Checking each other’s personal profiles is a continuous task undertaken by all members. It would be very helpful if when the cursor is placed over a member’s name a floating window containing the details of that member is displayed. (sample-1)

4- NEWS FORUMS: Two daily news forums (Turkish news, International news) can be introduced for members to add Headlines with links to the original items. No need to include the articles themselves unless access to the news is not a straight forwards process. This will help to bring local news of different countries on one page.

5- spaces for lists: When trying to make a list in a posting or modifying a message window, puttinig any number of spaces between two words or two letters always returns as one space. Spaces are being ignored. The list ends up like this:
one =bir
hello = Merhaba
nasilsin = How are you
iyiyim = fine
ne haber = what is happening
It would be nicer if we can control the space so that the beginning of the second coloumn is aligned. Something like this

one =.........bir
hello =.......Merhaba
nasilsin =...How are you
iyiyim =......fine
ne haber =.what is happening.

6- Clock: on the main header or between "user statistics" and "new in forums". Members can see when messages were posted but they can not tell what the time is because their computers dispaly their local time. A clock related to the posting time would be hrlpful.

7- Forum Latest Messages: Now that there is more traffic and posts, increasing the number of latest messages from 25 to 100 could be appreciated more by users, I would.

3.       bod
5999 posts
 27 Jan 2006 Fri 01:34 am

I assume this means you would like suggestions for changes/improvements........I have a huge list of (mostly minor) changes that would make the site far easier to use - but I list just two below for the moment.

Make the dictionary open in one window
Currently, double clicking a word opens that word in another window. Double clicking another word opens yet another window. Before long a user (well, this user!) has many many windows open Can we please arrange that double clicking a word opens a new window the first time but the next time it re-uses the already open dictionary window? If users want massive numbers of dictionary windows they can always Shift+DoubleClick to force a new window!
I can tell you how to do this if you don't already know!

Load the last thread page after update
Currently, when you add a new post to a thread, the start of the thread is displayed. So to check on your post you need to click the ">" link so you can check your post is correctly formatted. Can we have the display go to the last page of the thread in the same way as happens when you modify a post that you previously made?

4.       bod
5999 posts
 05 Feb 2006 Sun 01:06 pm

Please - a very minor change that would make the site lots more functional.......change the tabbing order so that pressing tab from the message box takes you straight to the Send button and not the Add Link button.

5.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 17 Feb 2006 Fri 04:57 pm

when we sign in we actually have to click go with the mouse.. if we could just click enter i think it would be better

6.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 21 Feb 2006 Tue 11:03 pm

can we add some more advanced lessons on the grammer section please??

7.       bod
5999 posts
 22 Feb 2006 Wed 01:45 am

Quoting miss_ceyda:

when we sign in we actually have to click go with the mouse.. if we could just click enter i think it would be better

Yeah - I have been meaning to suggest this for ages!!!

Seems the whole site has been written without thought for people who prefer to use the mouse (or other pointing device) as little as they can - changing a few tab orders would help lots!

8.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 22 Feb 2006 Wed 12:40 pm

i thought that i was the only person in this thread for a while there bod..
do you think that they have just made this thread to make us like them and then arent actually planning to take any of our suggests into account???

9.       sophie
2712 posts
 22 Feb 2006 Wed 08:27 pm

Quoting miss_ceyda:

can we add some more advanced lessons on the grammer section please??

yes pleaseeeeeeeee!

10.       bod
5999 posts
 22 Feb 2006 Wed 08:44 pm

Quoting sophie:

Quoting miss_ceyda:

can we add some more advanced lessons on the grammer section please??

yes pleaseeeeeeeee!

*raises hand as if cast a vote in favour*

(259 Messages in 26 pages - View all)
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