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Earthquake scenarios urge immediate action in İzmir
1.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 05:09 am

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 might rock the Aegean city of İzmir, a recent study has revealed, adding that should the quake occur at 5:00 p.m. some 180,000 buildings could be damaged and an estimated 74,000 people could suffer injuries.

The study was carried out by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Boğaziçi University's Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute and the İzmir Chamber of Civil Engineers.

But although some experts maintain that the Aegean region faces no risk of a devastating quake, earthquakes have played an important role in the city and many have shook the region throughout its history.

İzmir belongs to the first-degree hazard zone in the official Earthquake Hazard Regionalization Map of Turkey and the area covering İzmir is one of the most seismically active parts of the Aegean.
As well as the recent earthquakes of smaller magnitudes, the city, known in ancient times as Smyrna, was once destroyed by an earthquake in 178 AD. It is therefore necessary that immediate precautions are taken and management plans are made.

There are several fault lines in İzmir and the whole city is included in the risk zone but experts say that Mithatpaşa on the sea side, Karşıyaka shore, Bostanlı, Mavişehir, Bornova, Ege University Campus, Alsancak, Halkapınar and Yeşilyurt are located within the first degree risk zone. They also point out the most dangerous areas are where the shantytowns are located.


2.       Myra
92 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 09:38 am

thank u for this message. I find it facinating.

3.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 12:00 pm

Oh god!

4.       English_boy
15 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 06:09 pm

Scary thought, especially now that I have so many family and friends in that area

5.       portokal
2516 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 11:46 pm

I have friends too. May they be safe, i pray!

6.       tamikidakika
1346 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 11:49 pm

I bet Tayyip will argue that it`s the outcome of their being infidels (and not voting for AKP)

7.       catwoman
8933 posts
 02 Apr 2008 Wed 11:55 pm

Quoting tamikidakika:

I bet Tayyip will argue that it`s the outcome of their being infidels (and not voting for AKP)

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