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Socialising in Turkey
1.       Loveprague
627 posts
 13 Apr 2008 Sun 02:13 pm

Hi all,
I hope we are all well? I was talking to my wife about socialising and whenever I visit Turkey when we go out we meet often with some of Nes's friends it is really more interesting than living here in England because I often go out with male friends and we often discuss the same things over and over again.

The great circle of friends nes has really makes a difference she has both female and male friends and often her female friends will visit us and we talk about everything over a cup of tea, I of course have to have translation for the longer conversations. I just find in England there is not that circle of friends both female and male and the conversations and socialising are not as interesting.

I really enjoy meeting her friends which now have become my friends there is so much more interaction and genuine friendship, often I will not see my friends every week but Nes often sees her friends each week and discuss everything over a cup of tea or a meal

2.       teaschip
3870 posts
 14 Apr 2008 Mon 09:52 pm

I think sometimes people are stretched for time, especially here in the U.S. Both parents sometimes work, then taking their kids to multiple functions, sports etc. Family time and socializing can be quite hard just to fine the time to do. I do wish we were more laid back and not always in a rush.

3.       SERA_2005
668 posts
 14 Apr 2008 Mon 10:26 pm

I think Turks are the way they are because its in the culture,they also make time for each other.It is a very family and group oriented kind of culture where as much of the west isnt,especially with the spread of capitalism,globalisation and Americanisation of our cultures and customs/traditions.It would be rude for example if a family member came to visit another relative at their home and the children in that family ignored the guest or spent most of the time in their room playing computer games for example.But in my culture (British) it would be acceptable for the child to greet the guest and then go and play as they wished.Of course this is not true in all situations and it is a generalisation but i was using it purely as an example. The way turkey is with regard to groups can be a good thing sometimes but it also has its disadvantages especially to someone who is put into that situation the opposite culture being what they are used to such as myself.I should think it would be a shock for Turkish people coming to Britain or The states and finding that people often like to have 'alone' time.what does anyone else think?

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