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Hidrellez - Spring Feast
1.       kurtlovesgrunge
1435 posts
 02 May 2008 Fri 01:45 pm

Hidrellez is a seasonal festival in Turkey for the celebration of arrival of spring and awakening of nature and various activities are organized at the night of May 5th . Moreover The Orthodox celebrates this day as Hagia Georgi, and Catholics as St. George's Day.
In folkloric traditions it is the day on which Prophets Hizir and Ilyas met with each other on earth to awaken the nature. The words Hizir and İlyas have since fused together pronounced as Hidrellez.

People prepare beforehand for Hidrellez celebrations in villages and small towns, and recently in major cities. These preparations cover house cleaning, clean clothing, food and drink. Before Hidrellez Day, houses are cleaned from top to bottom, since people think that Hizir will not visit houses that are not clean.

Various practices are performed on Hidrellez night in the belief that Hizir will bring blessing and abundance to the places he visits and the things he touches. Food bowls, pantries and purses are left open.And definitely a window is left open for Hizir to visit the house. Those who want a house, or garden believe that Hızır will help them obtain such things if they make a small model of what they want. Some also hang models and papers on which their wishes are written on a Nahil Tree. It is also a tradition to throw those papers into a running water or sea enabling Hizir to pick them and to carry out the wishes written.

There are several activities for Hidrellez in Istanbul. The Armada Hotel, Cankurtaran organizes Hıdrellez Festival and the Ahırkapı Street is closed to vehicle traffic. And you can have food from the stands and dance all night long with the Great Roman Orchestra. You can also hang your wishes to the Nahıl Tree set in the middle of the street.

Hidrellez celebrations will also take place on the street across Caddebostan Cultural Center on the Anatolian side..

2.       magnadea
0 posts
 02 May 2008 Fri 01:54 pm

Thanks for your lovely post, Kurt It seems so late for Turkey to celebrate spring on 5th May - from what I hear the weather is like summer there right now

3.       kurtlovesgrunge
1435 posts
 02 May 2008 Fri 01:56 pm

you re welcome magna

4.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 02 May 2008 Fri 01:58 pm

Tebrikler Kurtlovesgrunge for posting such an interesting link!!!

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