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would somebody pls. translate this Poca Peynirli recipe for me?
1.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 03 Jun 2008 Tue 02:52 pm

Most tasty things I ever ate!!

2.       AEnigmamagnadea
416 posts
 03 Jun 2008 Tue 03:15 pm

Quoting Roswitha:

Most tasty things I ever ate!!

3.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 03 Jun 2008 Tue 04:14 pm

Here you go, Ros:

Pastry with uncured soft white cheese (sorry dont know the translation of Lor)


- 1,5 waterglass of luke-warm water
- 1 package of fluid yeast + 1 desertspoon of dry yeast (fluid yeast, as far as I know, is sold in tablets like bulyon, and dry yeast looks like sand and is sold in small packages)
- just a little less than 1 waterglass of oil (cornoil, sunfloweroil)
- 2 egges (of one egg, we split the yolk and keep it apart to spread over the poğaças)
- 1 teaspoon of sugar
- Flour, just as much as your dough takes up.
- Salt
- Sesame seeds

For the filling of uncured cheese:
- 300 gr of lor cheese
- 3 soupspoons of fluid oil (sunflower, corn)
- 3 soupspoons of milk
- 1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped

Solve the sugar and the yeasts (both dry and fluid) together in 1 glass of warm water and let it wait for 10 minutes to rise.
Put flour in the bowl that you will use to kneed the dough and open the middle of the floor. Add the eggs, yeast, milk, fluid oil and the salt in the middle of the flour and keep kneeding till you get a soft dough. After having kneaded the dough, sprinkle 2 drops of oil on it, close with a moisty cloth in a warm place (possibly above a honeycomb, whatever that may be) and let ferment for 2 hours.

Give shape to the dough, put some of the cheesemixture inside it and put on an oiled bakingplate.
After you have spread some of the eggyolk over it, decorate with some sesame or çörek otu (it is like black sesame)

Bake for 25 minutes in an oven of 180 degrees.

4.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 03 Jun 2008 Tue 04:18 pm

I translated the website you gave, but here is my addition:

- For the mixture, just mix the ingredients as it says there. You can add some kırmızı pul biberi and isot pepper if you like, I think it goes well.
- If you cant find lor peyniri, buy normal white turkish cheese from your local shop, and crumble it. You can easily do this by putting some pieces of cheese into a bowl, and using the back of a spoon to crush it.
- To add the mixture to the dough and give shape: just take small pieces of dough, roll between your hands to a round shape, make it flat, put a spoon of the mixture inside it, and close the dough over the middle into half a circle. With a bit of water you can 'seal' the edges where you closed, so that it wont open.

5.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 04 Jun 2008 Wed 01:16 am

Deli Kizin, thanks for have taken the trouble translating the recipe. So kind od you, thanks. Not easy for me locating this white cheese in America.

6.       Norae
27 posts
 04 Jun 2008 Wed 02:08 am

Farmer cheese is a good choice. Ricotta would also work well if you can't find fresh farmer cheese. I've made something similar with chevre which adds a nice tang to the pastry.

7.       si++
3785 posts
 04 Jun 2008 Wed 08:48 am

Quoting Roswitha:

Deli Kizin, thanks for have taken the trouble translating the recipe. So kind od you, thanks. Not easy for me locating this white cheese in America.

You can do it yourself as described here.

You need milk and lemon juice.

Boil the milk until you see some cream at the top. Pour the lemon and stir. Cover it with a cloth and leave it so for 2 hours. Then filter out the water. Don't waste the water it can be used for bread making.

8.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 05 Jun 2008 Thu 03:34 pm

Quoting si++:

You can do it yourself

Ohh thanks!! That sounds easy! Surely will try it out as soon as exams are over

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