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Fener District near the Halic
1.       Roswitha
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 10 Jun 2008 Tue 05:16 am

Exploring the old neighborhood of Fener, "off the beaten path", gave me insights how the not so fortunate Istanbullies live. Here you can read about Fener:

The Historical Peninsula is surrounded by the Golden Horn on the north, the Marmara Sea on the south, the Bosphorus on the east and Fatih on the west.

The Golden Horn district is on the southern-east end of the Qatalca peninsula. It is a natural port right at the entrance to the Bosphorus. It separates the Historical Peninsula and Beyoglu part; it divides the part of the city on Europe into two. It extends to Sarayburnu on the south, from Kaglthane to Tophane on the north. Today, "the Golden Horn" is used to define not only the natural port, but also the area covering the districts around it.

Taken into World Heritage List by UNESCO, Fener is within the borders of the province of Fatih, on the western coast of the Golden Horn. The neighbor of the district of Balat, Fener has a history as old as Istanbul's.

Known as "Fanarion" even before the Ottoman, era due to the existence of the most important lighthouse of the coasts of the Golden Horn here, the district was named "Fener" in the Ottoman era. Today, Feneris one of the most special and must-be-discovered areas of istanbul with it's old historical Turkish houses, mosques, and historical churches at every step. It is generally chosen by Rum families for settlement. In 1601, a rapid increase in the Rum population in the area was observed with the settlement of Rum Patriarchate to the Aya Yorgi Church. Today, the district is still the centre of the Orthodox sect because of the patriarchate. Balat Like Fener, the district of Balat is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO and has similar characteristics with Fener. But, Balat is slightly different from Fener. It has been chosen by Jewish families since the Byzantine era. Especially with Jews migrating from Spain to the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century to Balat by the empire, the population in the district increased. Sultan Bayezid II stated his great happiness for inviting Jews in his letter to Ferdinand II The King Spain, mentioning his belief in the richness ~ they could add to the cultural texture of the Ottoman Empire

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