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Leave the Byzantum ruins as it is
1.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 24 Jun 2008 Tue 05:59 am

Bizans kalıntılarını olduğu gibi bırak
Fours Seasons Hotel should not be constructed on the ruins of Byzantum Palace.

A stab to Byzantine Palace!!!“

Giving such a consent must be considered as a crime” states The member of Board Of Monuments Prof Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay.
“The historical remains of Byzantine are lying down there but nobody cares.Sultanahmet is being massacred.” states Prof.İlber Ortaylı -The Head Of Topkapı Palace-

The expansion Project (Twin Buildings Project) of Four Seasons Hotel in Sultanahmet which is being constructed next to historical parcel to make an increase in the number of the rooms ,will be rising on the historical remains that are from the era of Ottoman and Byzantine Empires. The member of Board Of Monuments Prof Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay says that the consent to the building is given after a meeting without her presence and considers the act of giving the consent as a crime.Besides Prof ilber Ortaylı- also an a historian- states that Sultanahmet is being massacred.

Some of The Remains Date Back To Fourth Century

The history of the area chosen for the building by Four Seasons (which still serves its customers at the Old Sultanahmet Prison building)dates back to fourth century.The Big Palace which was constructed during the era of I.Konstantinius is one of the important historical remains.
That twin building project costs 15 million dollars for Four Seasons.In order to prevent the building raise right on the earth that keeps the remains, the new building will have steel plates 2,5 metres high from the ground.There will be also an archelogical park.

Prof.Dr.Zeynep Ahunbay(Head Of İstanbul Technical University Faculty Of Architecture Restoration Department) :The consent was given without my presence
“A day while ı was on abroad was arranged for the meeting and I was guarenteed for nothing important would have been discussed at the meeting.Somehow this consent was discussed and given.”” I stil don’t approve this project.That is a palace area,giving that consent to construction is a crime.A place which has historical value can not be used by a hotel”

The Board That Gave The Consent

The head of board (Prof.Dr. Cengiz Eruzun) and 4 members(Cem Eriş,Sinan Kılıçoğlu,Murat Tuncay and Mustafa Karası are in fovour of the project.Just two members İhsan Sarı and Prof.Zeynep Ahunbay (wasn’t at the meeting) are against the consent.

İlber Ortaylı:Sultanahmet is being massacred

The head Of Topkapı Palace and also a historian Prof. İlber Ortaylı, “ I’m against the way how that construction goes on .The construction is going on a critical area .The historical remains of Byzantine Palace are down the earth but nobody cares.The point is Why the construction area expands and how the consent is given.There are some people who says that there are no remains considered important but how can they know that?That kind of construction mustn’t be permitted."

It’s not about public welfare

“Archelogical parks must be open to the public but this park is intented to be open for just hotel customers says Pelin Pınar Özden Head of the Chamber Of Town Planning.The extension has no aim fort he public welfare.”

Four Seasons:The buildings don’t stand right on the ground

“10 million dollars has been spent so far for the archelogical park and not even one cent is taken from the government .” says Mesut Toprak -the manager of Four Seasons Hotel . “ We established a science board.This project is accepted years ago and it doesn’t even stand right on the ground.” says Toprak.


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