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10.       mella
202 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 06:36 pm

In My country, nobody will think even to enterwith their shoes put on!
It is normal, all have their shoes off before entering...
Actually, no one will even think of askinf You to take Your shoes off.

Best regards,

11.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 06:48 pm

I always used to walk in the house with my shoes on. You rub them over a shoe-carpet (sorry i dont know the english word) to wipe away most of the dirt, so it's not sooo bad And no, we Europeans do not jump on the bed with our shoes on haha.

When Kadir was in my house, he really felt like he was dirting the house when he walked in it with shoes just like we did.

Now that i spent a week with him, i got used to putting my shoes off. So i just take them off now.

But i don't think it's so dirty to keep them on.

12.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 07:23 pm

i know what you all mean by having the custom of taking off your shoes before entering a house in turkiye although if you turn on turkish tv you will see that people just walk in a house with their shoes on!! :S strange eh?
lets take the dizi avrupa yakası as an example..

13.       janissary
0 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 08:01 pm

taking off shoes before entering house is related with religion too. and our culture is influenced by islam. islam orders to be clean. and here is the reason is simple as it mentioned in this article cleanliness.coz we eneter everywhere with shoes (like toilets).

14.       SERA_2005
668 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 08:15 pm

i think lots of english people also take their shoes off when entering a house,i know i do everytime i come home.Its just cleaner.

15.       MissHelen
148 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 10:04 pm

As my mum (64 last year) says - asking your guests to take their shoes off is fine, but you need to give them somewhere to sit when they do and some slippers or house shoes to put on afterwards to keep their toes warm (Gawd bless the oldies).

She had a point.

Can and I are saving up for guest shoes and a seat now...


16.       janissary
0 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 10:08 pm

in every turkish houses there are slippers for guests separately. in traditional turkish houses and most of houses in turkey there is a guest room. it s used only when a guest comes to our house and it s always clean.

17.       Aenigma
0 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 10:46 pm

Everyone has to take their shoes off in my house because the carpet is white lol , but what a lovely idea to give guests slippers . I will go and buy lots of pairs (in white of course ). I also have a guest room, but between guests it is used for my PC and spare clothes!! Hmmm the Turkish are more considerate than me

btw - I love your posts today Janissary

18.       mltm
3690 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 10:56 pm

I don't know, I think everyone in the world prefers to take off their outdoor shoes in the entry of their house. At least,it was like this in every foreign house I've been.
There's one exception in my country as well, if the guests are important or if it's a speacial day, it's nicer not to take off. Anyway, the guests should always make an attempt to take their shoes off, and no need to mention that there should always be some slippers ready.

19.       MissHelen
148 posts
 08 Mar 2006 Wed 10:18 am

So true mltm - Following the slippers/chair converstaion (during which I insisted that NO-ONE was coming into my house without removing their shoes) my boyfriend Can then said "Well what about M bey?" (my boss).

Good point - there are some people you *just can't ask* you have to hope that they'll be considerate enough to catch on!


20.       mltm
3690 posts
 08 Mar 2006 Wed 11:02 am

Quoting MissHelen:

shoes) my boyfriend Can then said "Well what about M bey?" (my boss).

Yes, in this condition, if he attempts to take off his shoes, you should insist him not to take off his shoes and come in with his shoes on. It's a part of politeness of the host and formality.

(31 Messages in 4 pages - View all)
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