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can someone help me...
1.       Ebbyru
243 posts
 14 Jul 2008 Mon 12:44 am

Please is there anyone that can tell me how I can get a ticket for a cousin of mine to come to england for a holiday she only wants to stay for say 3 months. What do we have to do? Can we just buy her the ticket or does she have to get a visa and several other things?

Anyone that can help will be much apprecitaed thanks

2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 15 Jul 2008 Tue 02:31 pm

Of course she needs a visa. She should contact British Embassy in TR for the details.

3.       Cacık
296 posts
 15 Jul 2008 Tue 02:52 pm

Hi Ebru

Yes she does need a visa and she can apply online here:

You/your family in UK will need to write a letter confirming that you invite her to come to the UK to stay with you for an extended holiday. You/your family will also need to provide financial proof of your financial status ie bank account copies, savings, etc... to prove to the Visa Section that you can financially support her. She will also need to supply all her own financial documents, copies of bank accuonts and savings to prove she can actually afford a holiday in the UK.

She will also need to provide evidence of educational background, her high school diploma or if she is a university graduate, her diploma.

She will need to explain why she is going on such a long holiday (3 months is indeed a very long holiday in normal circumstances).

Anyway, check out the link I have provided and you will see FAQ, it has everything you need to know.

Hope this helps.

4.       yilgun-7
1326 posts
 15 Jul 2008 Tue 03:19 pm

Ankara'daki adres:

Uğur Mumcu Cad. No: 55/9
Gazi Osman Paşa/ANKARA
Tel: 0 312 448 10 55
Faks: 0 312 448 10 66
Gsm: 0 533 691 03 46

Türk vatandaşlarından vize için:
- Laciverd pasaportu olanlardan 520 YTL vize ücreti alınıyor.
- Yeşil pasasportu olanlardan 250 YTL vize ücreti alınıyor.
- Ayrıca şunlar isteniyor=
. Vize başvuru belgesi (Bu form elçilik ya da konsolosluktan alınır)
. Temdit edilmiş pasaport
. Maddi durum belgesi
. 3 adet fotograf
. İngiltereden davetiye mektubu
. Nüfüs cüzdanı bilgileri
. vb
Daha çok bilgi için=
Ankara'daki İngiltere Büyükelçiliği
İstanbul ve İzmir'deki İngiltere Konsoloslukları

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