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The aims of Hurmet
1.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 07 Aug 2008 Thu 03:31 am

In many languages in the Middle East, Hurmet stands for respect. The Hurmet Foundation is an aid organisation, which directs its activities at giving help to the displaced in Turkey. The foundation consists of a group of volunteers who have been active round the situation in Turkey for many years, and have build up a lot of knowledge in this field. Hurmet wants to be a bridge between aid organisations in Turkey and organisations in the Netherlands. The main aim of the foundation is encouraging development from below.

Giving support to projects which have been developed by organisations in Turkey, but which find it hard to survive because of lack of contacts and financial support.

Improving communication between the organisations here and in Turkey. The resolving of problems is also part of Hurmet´s remit. We reject the usual kind of aid development because those projects are often imposed by the west. The ideas and the projects most, come from the people on the spot. This is the only way to encourage and build selfsufficiency.

The aims of Hurmet
To propose and develop projects which are to the benefit of the people, especially the displaced. We will give support to humanitarian organisations, which are active in a wide field. We give preference to projects dealing with education, health, housing, selfsufficiency and development of people who have very limited chances.

We want to develop friendship ties between groups, organisations and cities in Turkey and in the Netherlands, with the main aim being the giving of support to projects set up at local level.

The passing on of knowledge to make the projects in Turkey more effective and selfsufficient. The exchange of experiences to clarify further the needs and wishes both here and in Turkey.

Giving moral support. This means supporting, developing and exchanging cultural heritage in the widest possible field. We also want to create exchange schemes for young people in the sports and games area.

Projects and activities

The projects, which the Hurmet Foundation wants to support, are those which are developed by organisations in Turkey. We provide contacts and know how to make it possible for Dutch organisations to get involved in the projects straight away. Hurmet guards the contacts and will give active support when problems have to be resolved or prevented. To get a clear picture of the situation in Turkey Hurmet will send delegations at regular intervals. These delegations will have two tasks: giving guidance to projects which are already in progress, and giving representatives of Dutch organisations, who are considering giving aid, the chance to see the situation first hand. We are convinced that communication and contacts are the only possibility to solve the massive problems of the displaced. Parallel to the contacts and acting as go-betweens Hurmet wants to give special support to projects dealing with street children. We now have close ties with organisations in Istanbul, Mersin and Diyarbakir, which are already specialised in this field. In the coming time we want to increase and strengthen these ties.

Giving aid to the displaced of Turkey
The Hurmet Foundation wants to give aid to the displaced in Turkey. This problem is much larger than is reported in the regular media. Because of war and deportation millions of people have lost their homes and agricultural land. Many people, refugees in their own country, have sought shelter in the big cities and now live in shacks and tents on the outskirts of town. Not only in the south east, but also in the west of the country. The people have little money and the worst possible jobs. Because of the difficulty of registration in most cases, it is impossible for the people to get health care and education. As a result many children live on the streets and are in urgent need of a safety net. There are organisations, which want to help, but they often lack the resources. Because of Turkey´s candidacy for membership of the European Union, there are now possibilities for the development of aid. In the future, after Turkey has become a full member, there will be possibilities to use EU funds. But that is still a long way away. That´s why the Hurmet Foundation wants to encourage and support all initiatives, which can make bearable the lives of the displaced in Turkey again. Europe can already play a role in this at this time.


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