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10.       Jaydee
9 posts
 25 Jun 2012 Mon 04:56 pm

It might sound callous but both of them are rubbish, mickey mouse schools !



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11.       Adam25
369 posts
 26 Jun 2012 Tue 02:31 pm


Quoting Jaydee

It might sound callous but both of them are rubbish, mickey mouse schools !




....in your opinion as a qualified language teacher?

12.       tunci
7149 posts
 26 Jun 2012 Tue 03:04 pm


Quoting Jaydee

It might sound callous but both of them are rubbish, mickey mouse schools !




You can´t say that. What things in there you find rubbish ?  In my idea they are good and prestigious schools.

13.       portakalsuyu
1 posts
 26 Sep 2014 Fri 12:36 am


I´ve just finished my A1 course at Dilmer and I´ve got to say it´s the worst course I´ve ever taken. I was going to write a lengthy text explaining the reasons why I´m saying this but bobby58 has incredibly nailed it, I´ve had exactly the same experience, word by word. The staff are rude, the teacher couldn´t be arsed to teach, she just went through the dismal messy book which is just page after page of gap-fill short sentences. No context, no subject, nothing.

We were made to feel we couldn´t ask too many questions because it bothered her yet she spent a large amount of class time making inapropriate comments about the students, laughing at students mistakes, she seemed to enjoy picking on those who felt more insecure, two of them actually left; her demeanour was off-putting, unfunny and she kept interrogating us about our personal life in front of other students in a totally inapropriate way and completely out of context.

There was no group work, no pair work, no eliciting, no explaining, just endless grammar group chanting during the first two weeks and on the spot sentence making and copying from the whiteboard thereafter. Also, you aren´t made aware of the correct procedure to place a complaint with the Director of Studies (if they have one, as the whole place  seems like a Mickey Mouse operation) therefore I feel compelled to place my complain publicly and alert others out there to make better use of their money.

A rip off, a complete waste of time and made worse by the rude, superior and bullying attitude of staff and teacher.

I would like to add that I´m a qualified teacher of English with 9 years experience, although this is of no relevance when it comes to my experience as a student I feel I ought to mention this given that someone on this forum thinks that for your experience as a student to be valid you should be a qualified teacher (?)... well, here´s one.


Quoting bobby58

I would definitely not recommend Dilmer. From the moment I walked in the door I had a bad feeling because I felt they treated me as simply a payment that needed to be processed as quickly as possible and did not make small talk with me or ask me about my needs at all. However, as I found it difficult to find an evening class that would work well alongside my daytime job, I reluctantly paid for the course. After that, the people at the reception did not greet me ever when I entered the school (in fact, they didn’t respond when I said hello in Turkish) but instead seemed to treat students as if they were invisible.

The course itself was actually worse though. It consisted of 3 evening classes of 3 hours a week. The course went as follows. We began with 9 people (by the end there were just 3). Each lesson generally consisted of a lengthy grammatical explanation in English of several Turkish grammar concepts, followed by a list of seemingly unrelated vocabulary words that were translated in English and we were instructed to write them down in a vocabulary notebook and memorize them. After the complicated grammatical explanation, we would then spend several hours doing gap-fill grammar exercises. We were usually not given any time to think and write down our answers first, rather our teacher made us do the questions verbally on the spot one after another going around the room in exactly the same order every time.  I found this quite stressful and it gave me no opportunity to understand what I was supposed to be doing. The grammar and vocabulary were taught without context, in other words, without being organized into the usual language course topics/units - food, introductions, shopping, travel, etc. We never did any pair work or group work and it seemed classroom discussions were discouraged. We didn’t learn anything about Turkish culture or Turkey either.  At one point I asked what something meant and the teacher told me the meaning wasn’t important, but only the grammar! The only thing that seemed to matter to her was meaningless grammar drilling for hour after hour.

As for the Dilmer course book, it was dull, black and white and contained endless gap-fill grammar exercises. There were a few dialogues and reading texts, but unfortunately our teacher always made us skip them. The book also appeared to lack organization into topics.

Despite having studied and learned other languages, I felt like I really gained nothing in regards to learning Turkish from the Dilmer course. It was by far the worst language class I have ever taken and I would never recommend that anyone waste their money there. I only continued because I paid a lot for it and hoped that I would absorb something. Sadly I have even forgotten or never really understood any of the context-less grammar.



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14.       Ahmad Bey
1 posts
 11 Feb 2015 Wed 11:46 pm

I had completed 2 classes (intensive) in Dilmer with 2 different teachers.

if there is any disadvantage of Dilmer , it´s that the teachers are not all 

at the same level of proffessionality , commitment  and dedication .

The First teacher who taugh us the First intensive Level was the greatest

teacher i´v ever met , he was young and allways strict to plan , 

he was opening the class always with dialouge for each student about what we he/she did yesterday , and all the dialog were funny without making fun of any individual ,

that was taking around 10-15 minutes after that he was showing the subject/new grammer with very interactive way after that he was asking us to talk to each other in around 5 minutes with using this new grammer and he will interferne  for each couples to make corrections , he neglect too much  pages of the Book with he considered a boring repeat of the same grammer ,

he allways give us dummy exams and also spent much time for us to listening to cd and make answers about it ,

and as i said before he had always strict plan in his mind , he never miss any thing from program .

but the second level teacher was not at the same degree of dedication, 

and he was telling us : "okay guys today i´m a little tired  , so let´s take this easy grammer and postpone this " difficult grammer " to another day !!!!!!!

he was not the same degree of interactive like the first teacher .

so i think it´s about the teacher not the school 


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15.       tunci
7149 posts
 12 Feb 2015 Thu 12:34 am


Quoting Ahmad Bey


so i think it´s about the teacher not the school 



Very true.

16.       Henry
2604 posts
 15 Feb 2015 Sun 12:36 am

I also have to agree that the teacher is very important. I have completed 2 Dilmer intermediate level 4 week intensive language courses. The classes are taught in Turkish, but most teachers have a basic understanding of English.

In my opinion the classes were a good mixture of speaking & listening, new grammar with explanations and examples, (with students asked to give more examples), and frequent testing to check your understanding. Of the four teachers I had experienced at Dilmer, 2 were excellent, 1 was very good, and one, a younger male teacher was a bit lazy, and a poor teacher for explanations. Luckily our class only had the worst teacher for a few days whilst our normal teacher had family issues.

I was happy with my experiences at Dilmer, but if I was richer, a good private tutor would be my first preference for learning. The advantage of being in a group lesson is that you get to meet new people, and often hear how they remember the grammar and new words, which may also help your understanding. 

17.       muratalp
61 posts
 16 Feb 2015 Mon 02:20 pm

how about Tomer?If someone has experience,can you explain?

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