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Huge Statue of Roman Ruler found in southern Turkey
1.       WarTrain
325 posts
 26 Aug 2008 Tue 04:25 pm

Parts of a giant, exquisitely carved marble sculpture depicting the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius have been found at an archaeological site in Turkey. Fragments of the statue were unearthed at the ancient city of Sagalassos. So far the statue´s head, right arm and lower legs have been discovered, high in the mountains of southern Turkey.

He reigned from 161AD until his death in 180AD. He reigned from 161AD until his death in 180AD. In addition to his deeds as emperor, Marcus Aurelius is remembered for his writings, and is considered one of the foremost Stoic philosophers. The partial statue was unearthed in the largest room at Sagalassos´s Roman baths.



2.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 26 Aug 2008 Tue 04:34 pm

Amazing! It seems that more and more  treasures  are being discovered in Sagalassos. Please have a look at my previous posts about Sagalassos. WarTrain, wouldn´t it be something to be among their  excavation team. THANKS for posting!!



3.       WarTrain
325 posts
 26 Aug 2008 Tue 04:36 pm

Absolutely!  The toll (as I know it so far) is a huge statue of Hadrian and a goddess and now this one.  It is an archeologists dream


4.       sonunda
5004 posts
 27 Aug 2008 Wed 02:29 pm

Marcus Aurelius is my husband´s hero-he would be thrilled to see this statue! Do you think it will remail in situ or be removed to a museum somewhere?

5.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 30 Aug 2008 Sat 06:09 am

World interest in ancient city of Sagalassos increases

Large-scale excavations started in 1990 under the direction of Professor Waelkens. Many buildings, monuments and other archaeological remains have been exposed, documenting the monumental aspect of the Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine history of this town.

Last year the team led by Professor Waelkens uncovered fragments of a colossal marble statue of Emperor Hadrian in the rubble in Sagalassos. The statue, which stood about 4.5 meters tall, dates to the early part of Hadrian´s reign. The elaborate decoration on the sandal suggests he was depicted in military garb. It is considered one of the "most beautiful depictions" of the emperor ever found. Excavators unearthed the head, foot and part of a leg.


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