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Going Away Gift
1.       teterteafan
59 posts
 05 Sep 2008 Fri 04:01 pm

I am leaving turkey and wanted to give a gift to a family that I have been having dinner with on a regular basis.  My question is; I found a real pretty ring and wanted to give it to one of the girls in the family.  Will this be taken the wrong way by anyone else in the family?  Will the be taken wrong by the girl I am giving it to as it is a gold band.  Also, the ring is a little nicer than the rest of the gifts I got for the rest of the family.  Any help would be appreciated.

2.       Jaymi
22 posts
 05 Sep 2008 Fri 04:21 pm

I dont think this is a Turkish specific question.  I think in many cultures this would be recieved as unacceptable unless it is a child or something like that.  Your intentions would be questioned no matter what country you were in.  Not a good idea unless you have romantic intentions.  Just my thoughts.

3.       teterteafan
59 posts
 05 Sep 2008 Fri 04:26 pm



Thank you for the advice, I am married with four children so its not a romantic type gift.  Its a real pretty ring, seven small gold bands.  She has been a good friend while I have been here and I already bought the ring but started thinking she might take it the wrong way if I gave it to her.  I really appreciate the advice...Thanks

4.       Jaymi
22 posts
 05 Sep 2008 Fri 04:33 pm

Your welcome, If they know this about you, then it might be ok.  I think it will depend on how modern the family is that you have been staying with though.  Even here in the US that would still be viewed as a romantic gesture. You might want to ask her parents first also and maybe explain to them yourself before you decide. If they dont mind, then I would say go for it.  Just make your intentions clear to them.

5.       teterteafan
59 posts
 05 Sep 2008 Fri 04:40 pm

Thanks again for the advice, I am heading back to the US as well but I am definetly going to miss it here.  I don´t know if you have been here but this is one place I would love to live.  I definetly recommend it if you get a chance.  It would be a good place to raise a family...

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