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10.       ramayan
2633 posts
 20 Mar 2006 Mon 01:21 pm

vatan sağolsun arkadaşlar

herşey vatan için

11.       SuiGeneris
3922 posts
 20 Mar 2006 Mon 02:25 pm

19 March 2006 8:40 am:
Going to Gallipoli with a ship...

in the ship there was a congress continuing.. actually this trip was orginized with that congress the first international Canakkale Congress.. it was awesome.. they discussed the affect of Canakkale on written art, society.. they informed us about the heros of the war... i saw that there is much more i need to know about canakkale actually shamed on that...
and there was short movies and documanteries about Canakkale.. all was awesome...
the ship took 4 hours to go there... at least we were on Gallipoli... the air i breath was much more different than istanbul.. any way we got on the buses and were driven to the Gallipoli Mevlevihanesi.. it was well decorated i saw the pictures before that time and after decorating... it was all great and they still do some events there... and in all pictures there was one exact signature "LALE(tulip)"-a flower.

then we went through the a newly made presentation center.. it was very modern but i didnt like it that much.. but it was ok... the throgh the conk bayırı to anzac koyu saw them over hill... then the head of the Gallipoli to the big statue... it was HUGE... and i was told that they would construct a flag that would be seen over Greece.. to see the places they fought and the weapons bone parts skulls with bullets... it was exact to see what the WAR means...

but the point is.. i think if those ppl who died there to protect the country saw the state of that place and the country these days.. i think they wouldnt do the same.. it was sad to see the villas over those places... and the arguements about the Anzacs and English ceremonies...
but when you say those ppl where were you before they made those statues and graves there.. they were keeping silence..
and another sad point is.. all the documentaries and the history about those time were sourced by foreigner documents... the percentage was very very little if you compare our documents to their documents...

so we were back at our ship after that amazing trip.. there was another documentary named Gallipoli i wont tell anything about it becoz it must be seen... but there was a dialogue between Churchill and a soldier or sb like that.. they ask winston Churchill using poisonous gasses to humans is illegal in war... but Churchill answers is " Turks are not human " ... and nowadays researchers from England were talking about the English plan there... they said that.. there were no tactics and no calculations about it... they poured humans over Turks like they empty a glass of water... after months passed in the war.. in the documanteries there was this sentence passing in every letter of the soldier.. " this war is nonsense, i dont want to fight anymore"

as a result.. 5 hours were not enough to see those places... and i will go there soon i guess...
God bless all the soldiers soul fought there

12.       mara
145 posts
 21 Mar 2006 Tue 06:03 pm

Is someone kind enough to translate the song erdinic uploaded?

13.       janissary
0 posts
 21 Mar 2006 Tue 07:34 pm

Imdi seferberlik ilan olanda
Bir od dustu, cumle cihan agladi
Canakkale icinde aynali carsi
Canakkale icinde aynali carsi
Anne ben gidiyorum dusmana karsi
Of, gencligim eyvah!
Anne ben gidiyorum dusmana karsi
Of, gencligim eyvah!
Canakkale icinde bir uzun selvi
Canakkale icinde bir uzun selvi
Kimimiz nisanli, kimimiz evli
Of, gencligim eyvah!
Kimimiz nisanli, kimimiz evli
Of, gencligim eyvah!

The war is declared.
It came down on us like fire.
The whole country shed tears.
The Anyali Carsi,
the market place, in Canakkale
I'm leaving for the enemy Mum
And there goes my boyhood.
The cypress tree grows tall in Cannakale
Some of us were engaged,
Some married,
And there goes my boyhood.
They've shot me in Cannakake
Put me in a grave, I wasn't dead!
And there goes my boyhood.

14.       mara
145 posts
 21 Mar 2006 Tue 07:40 pm

thank you Janissary, very touching song.. but beautiful. I wish the one who wroth the song, haden't gotten the chance to write this song , in other words, i wish the war didn't happen

15.       damla
129 posts
 21 Mar 2006 Tue 10:52 pm

The folk song of Çanakkale

They've shot me in Çanakkale,
They put me in a grave but I wasn't dead.
There goes my boyhood

The bridge of Çanakkale is narrow,so it cannot be passed
Red water of Çanakkale cannot be drunk
There goes my boyhood

Çanakkale Türküsü

Çanakkale içinde vurdular beni
Ölmeden mezara koydular beni
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale köprüsü dardır geçilmez
Al kan olmuş suları bir tas içilmez
Of gençliğim eyvah

16.       Kadir37
0 posts
 25 Mar 2006 Sat 03:35 pm

17.       freshman
704 posts
 25 Mar 2006 Sat 04:46 pm

Canakkle sehitlerimize minnetariz bize mukemmel bir ulke biraktiklari icin..saygiyla aniyoruz..

18.       ramayan
2633 posts
 31 Mar 2006 Fri 12:48 pm

click here

new nice sites about gallipoli

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