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Forum Rules.
1.       CANLI
5084 posts
 12 Sep 2008 Fri 11:30 pm

Here ´s our Forum Rules please make sure that you read it carefully,and if you have any question about it feel free to pm any of our team,admins/moderators .

Thank you

Edited (6/2/2009) by admin [Updated link]

2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 21 Nov 2008 Fri 05:27 am

I am thinking of making the following changes to the forum rule number 9:


Personal attacks or insults towards other users will not be tolerated. Posts with negative remarks about another person´s character that result in or are a cause of conflict or resentment are also subject to deletion by moderators or admins. If someone posts an insulting comment towards you, do not reply to it, it will only start a flame-war, instead send a private message to one of the forum moderators and they will take care of it.


Avoid personal correspondence in the forum, use private messages for that purpose. If you receive any unwanted private messages, mark them as ´spam´ and/or add the sender to your ´ignore list´, if you receive stalking or threatening private messages contact one of the admins, and the offending person may be deleted from the site.


Admins and moderators have the right to delete posts if these posts contain abusive, vulgar, insulting language, are particularly offensive or if posts contain personal attacks (or negative statements about another person´s character if it results in a conflict between members).

Admins and moderators can lock threads, if the situation requires that, and must give an explanation for doing so. Thread deletion is reserved only for very extreme circumstances.

3.       catwoman
8933 posts
 30 Nov 2008 Sun 03:34 am

We made a slight modification to rule #11. This is the current version of it:


11. If you don´t agree with a moderator send a Private Message to the moderator or to one of the administrators instead of posting in the forum.

4.       catwoman
8933 posts
 13 Mar 2009 Fri 04:51 am

There will be a rule added to our TC forum rules: if a user continuously contributes to fights and problems between users, that person may/will be deleted from the site after the third warning from an administrator. If the user returns to the website, and continues with the same behavior, she/he may be deleted again without a warning.


This rule is added to make moderators´ job easier at monitoring the forum.

Thread locked by a moderator or admin.

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