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Creationist Adnan Oktar wins ban on Richard Dawkins site
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20.       catwoman
8933 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 05:48 am

Quote Canli:

 İn a country which let´s even say %60 of the people are muslims,do you want them to ban the İslamic sources/sites ?

Because what ? assuming that they hate their own religion ?!!

Want/wish them to fight them on their own religion ?!!


Well, so you are making it sound like religious rule is a tyranny. When the majority of people are religious, non-religious people can be squandered, banned, censored, but never the other way round. In other words - you can deny rights of minority, but not of the majority? People belonging to the majority are privilaged and superior, have higher human rights then those who belong to minority! This is plain mob rule.


In a democracy, all people should have equal rights - whether they are religious or not, whether they are the majority or not. If a religious person can ban a site because he ´proves´ that a web site talking about evolution insults feelings of a group of people, then a non-religious person should have equal chances of banning a religious site, if she/he shows that it insults feelings of another group of people. If these two people do not have equal chances, then we can say that the country is a religious tyrannical state, where non-religious people or minorities do not have equal rights as the people who belong to the majority.

If you allow sites to be banned because they insult someone´s feelings, then all people´s feelings should be equally valued and all groups of people should be able to ban other web sites. If you don´t want that, then simply no web sites should be banned.

21.       CANLI
5084 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 06:30 am

 Read my comment well cat,i havent mentioned anything nor commented on the issue of banning that site because i almost agree with most that have been said,that there was/is no need for such banning

İ have no problem if those sites exist or not,i dont have interest in such sites,so to me its not a problem both ways,i dont view them

And if i did by chance,and read there what i dont like,simply i wont open again,thats simple

Thats my opinion as a muslim


But my reply was to both your post,and DD´s regarding muslims,which wishing secular people ´which surely they have enough money´ ban religious sites

İnteresting way of thinking..not just thinking but wishing too !

22.       catwoman
8933 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 07:23 am


Quoting CANLI

 But my reply was to both your post,and DD´s regarding muslims,which wishing secular people ´which surely they have enough money´ ban religious sites

İnteresting way of thinking..not just thinking but wishing too !


I agree with you that this is wrong, but this is exactly what they are doing to sites THEY don´t like. So this wish is for them to get what they give. Not an ideal solution, but just a thought that they should taste what they serve to others.

23.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 09:34 am

I didn´t say Turkey should ban religious sites. I believe in freedom and access to all kinds of sites with all kinds of religions, news, films and so on. Trying very hard, I can understand that a site promoting atheism is insulting to a Muslim. Yet, it mustn´t be a reason of preventing all people from watching it. If the court allows banning a site on the basis that somebody finds it blasphemous, an atheist may as well sue religious sites as blasphemy to his/her ideology. I wanted to show that basing court orders personal religious preferences lead to a vicious circle where the whole Internet should be banned as every single site will find its opponents.

24.       doudi94
845 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 10:43 am

I think everybody should have the right to view whatever site they want!!!

Its wrong for them to ban ANYTHING!!!

Even if it is a muslim populated country!!!!

Here we have christian channels and muslim channels (i.e. they talk about religious stuff)

you dont see them going around and banning!!!

Im seriously starting to think turkey is NOT a free country!!!!


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