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Ramazan tempers and goodwill
1.       Trudy
7887 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 10:43 am

During the second week of Ramazan in Üsküdar, one of Istanbul´s more conservative neighborhoods, piety is dropping. The litmus test for this is the amount of loud traffic arguments heard on the streets. The effect of the first round of fasting “drop-outs” is the obvious lack of near-lethal fistfights between drivers. This is the paradox of Ramazan, which reveals to me yet again some of the things I love best about this land. The pilav evi (rice restaurant) down the street has re-commenced serving some of the once faithful customers, and everyone else seems to be keeping their cool.


But when the emotional male shouts of anger reach the third floor of my apartment, I am ashamed to admit, I´m the first to pull the curtains and hang from the window chanting: “Fight! Fight! Fight!” as I get excited to my core. The only explanation I have for this sick reaction is that I am Greek. Really, there is nothing more thrilling than a good heated argument – “sans” fists.


To lived up to my heritage and the tempers of Ramazan when I found myself at Sultanahmet´s Hippodrome last weekend arguing about theology, of all things, with a German friend. It was late and we were sharing a smoky coal-brewed Turkish coffee; one of the delicacies offered there every evening during this bayram. There were lights and activity as people were drawn to one of Istanbul´s favorite Ramazan "carnivals." At the Hippodrome, the center of commerce, thought and social activity for centuries, some things haven´t changed.


What Ramazan is teaching me is that it´s not what happens to you or what you argue about, but how you react to it. Our reactions above anything else can change an entire experience.


A couple of days ago when the object of the shouting, a man in the small white van on the corner of our street, wouldn´t budge, a dozen fasting men came to the rescue. Some were just walking by, most were local shopkeepers and customers at the local café, who showed up to read their paper, dry.


They separated the two men with flailing and shaky arms and tended to their tempers. They were able to be in the moment and have clear heads for the two men.  

More:  http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=115594 


Nice story! And true: in many EU countries this ´lost and found´ is not custom anymore, what a pity..!

2.       deli
5904 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 10:50 am

I love Ramazan soooooooooooo Interesting  and a priviledge to be experiencing it.




even though, im not fasting{#lang_emotions_scared}

3.       doudi94
845 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 10:50 am

I love the ramazan spirit

everybody is sooo nice and helping!!!

I love it when were on the road near to Iftar time and there are pl in their cars giving out free meals to the needy, and ppl giving us water and dates, sometimes chips etc etc in the car so we can break our fast with, i love seeing the RAhman tables (which ppl sponsor and give money to and make from their own money, not the goverment!), I love it that when i ask somebody for directions they just dont tell me how to get there, they take me there themselves(they mostly do this normally, but in ramazan WAY more, and they take to the EXACT place!!)

I love it how in the shops (especialy small ones) ppl always invite you to things and do everything for you (even though im not a foreigner)and wont take tips(TAhts unbelievable!!!)

I love how more than half of ramdan the whole family ahs Iftar together plus friends..etc etc

I love the school iftars where we all bring smthg, its ike  a dish party lol but really fun

I love seeing those lanterns hung everywhere

I love waiting for bayram

I love going shopping for clothes(i mostly do this but it feels different when im dong it for an occasion )



I just love the whole ramadan spirit!

4.       amnariel
138 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 12:06 pm

Gosh... I wish people would get Ramadan and fasting more seriously in my country too! And then stretch that to life after holidays...

5.       aneczkabubu
26 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 01:00 pm

Salam, I love Ramazan, the most beautiful month of the year. People are fasting, thinking about Allah,  praying and doind as many good deeds as they can, because it is blessed month for all Muslims. May Allah accept your fast, duaas and prayers, insa Allah.

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