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Prime Minister calls for boycott on the media
1.       Trudy
7887 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 10:48 am

Debates about press freedom were flared up Thursday, as the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan urged his party members not to buy Doğan Media Group newspapers. Erdoğan argues that parts of news coverage of Ligthhouse e.V. case, which was concluded in Germany last week, aims at denigrating his name and the Justice and Development Party.


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan heated up his accusations against the Doğan Media Group, that have rattled Turkey in previous weeks, by calling his ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, members “not to let these newspapers in their houses.”


“Media has lost its credibility in this country. I tell you to start your own campaign and not to let the media outlets that give false information and lies into your houses. I am clear about this,” Erdoğan said to his party members in Ankara Thursday, and accused the Doğan Group of conducting a campaign against the AKP. 

More: http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=115842


Such a call does not only sounds strange but also dangerous to me. Am I right thinking of losing (more) freedom of press when I read this?

2.       azade
1606 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 02:00 pm

Just for clarification, can someone tell me which newspapers Doğan owns?

3.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 03:59 pm

Hürriyet, Radikal

4.       azade
1606 posts
 22 Sep 2008 Mon 04:46 pm

Thanks Marion! I was not aware that Radikal is under his wing

5.       gencturk
326 posts
 23 Sep 2008 Tue 05:13 pm


Quoting azade

Just for clarification, can someone tell me which newspapers Doğan owns?

Newspaper Publishing
Hürriyet • TME Newspapers; (Iz Ruk v Ruki • ExpresszOglasnik) • Referans Turkish Daily News MilliyetRadikal • Posta • FanatikVatan

TV Broadcasting
National channels • Kanal DStar TVCNN Türk
Interactive TV • FIX TV • Home Shopping

Digital TV Platform
•Thematic channels • Dream TV • Dream Türk TV • Fenerbahçe TV • Besiktas TVGalatasaray TV • D Max • D Yesilçam • D Plus • D Çocuk • D Spor • T.A.Y TV • Emlak TV • Movie Smart • Movie Smart 2 • Comedy Smart

Radio Broadcasting
Radyo DCNN Türk RadyoSlow TürkRadyo Moda

TV & Music Production
D ProductionsKanal D Home VideoDMC

News Agency

Magazine and Book Publishing
Dogan Burda Dergi Dogan EgmontDogan Kitapbravoo

hurriyet.com.trmilliyet.com.tryenibiris.com insankaynaklari.comhurriyetemlak.comemlak.milliyet.com
hurriyet-oto.comarabam.milliyet.com.trsendeyolla.comblog.milliyet.com.trmilliyet internet tvanneyiz.biz.com
• TME web sites; ( nekretnine.hrauti.hr irr.ru job.ruexpressz.humojedelo.comoglasnik.hrposao.hr)

Digital Services
Dogan Platform • Dogan TelekomSmile ADSL • Birpa Müsteri Hizmetleri (Call Center)

Distribution and Retailing
Yaysat (Dogan Dagitim) Dergi Pazarlama PlanlamaD&RSmile Holding

Dogan Printing Center (DPC)Dogan Ofset

Activities in Europe
DMG InternationalHürriyet Invest BVKanal D Romania • Euro D
• Euro Star

Other Activities
• Dogan Dis Ticaret (Foreign Trade) • Dogan FactoringDogan Deutsche Mortgage

Social Activities
• Aydin Dogan Foundation



This is copy paste from DMG website



Doğan Media Group wiki link


Doğan Holding

6.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 23 Sep 2008 Tue 05:47 pm

WOW!  That is quite a list of media!  Turkish PM will be awfully busy shielding himself from all that!  {#lang_emotions_lol_fast}

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