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1.       CANLI
5084 posts
 26 Sep 2008 Fri 06:37 pm


It is necessary to add that Turks have a personal way of following Islam. A great number of Muslim Turks will enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, smoke cigarettes and make the most of the "good things in life", though taking care not to do these during religious occasions such as Ramazan (Ramadan) or the Kandil. This is, of course, an unofficial declaration on your researchers part. Ramazan is the holy month when for thirty days a good Muslim lets nothing pass his/her lips during daylight hours; no eating, drinking, smoking or even licking a postage stamp. Some restaurants and nightclubs are closed during the month of Ramazan.

Mosque festivals are called Kandil, which means Candle. It is so called because all the mosques are illuminated and those are the nights on which Muslims pray for forgiveness and wish to see the right way of things to be done according to their religion.

The story of Kandil
The five holy evenings on the Muslim calendar are called Kandil. During the Ottoman Empire Sultan Selim II of 16th century lit candles on the minarets of the mosques in order to announce these holy nights to the public. Since this calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon around the earth the dates of the Kandils differ every year.
Mevlid Kandili - The birth of Prophet Mohammad (March 19, 2008)
Regaip Kandili – The beginning of the pregnancy of Prophet Mohammad’s mother (July 3, 2008)
Miraç Kandili – Prophet Mohammad’s rising to sky (July 29, 2008)
Berat Kandili – The forgiveness of the sins (August 16, 2008)
Kadir Gecesi – The Koran’s first appearance to Prophet Mohammad (September 26, 2008)

These nights Muslims usually worship and sing Mevlit, a poem written for the birth of Prophet Mohammad. Kandils were holy days when young members visited the older members of the family, however today the Kandil greetings are made with phone calls. Some restaurants serving alcoholic beverages may be closed at Kandils. Most of the pastry shops and bakery sell Kandil Simidi (special small crispy bread ring strewn with or without sesame seeds). In some apartments the neighbors hand out helva (a special Turkish dessert made of semolina or flour) or lokma tatlýsý (again a special Turkish dessert made of fried dough with syrup).




And tonight is Kadir Gecesi...so Kandil Mübarek

2.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 26 Sep 2008 Fri 07:46 pm

Thank you for that Canlý .


My grandson, Joseph, was born on Mevlid Kandili  this year


For the past two years I´ve experienced Miraç Kandili with my friends in Turkey. This year, in the evening, we went to the home of neighbours and ate the home made helva (amongst other things ) and watched a special programme on th TV which was broadcast from a fairly local mosque.  I finally mastered the art of eating sunflower seeds that night , much to the amusement of everyone present.


Oh, now I´m wishing I was there now . . .

3.       elham
579 posts
 26 Sep 2008 Fri 10:55 pm


Asure Günü
(AH-shoo-REH gew-new), the 10th day of the Islamic lunar month of Muharrem,it has extraordinary importance as the day that Imam Hüseyin, the grandson of the Prophet, was martyred on the battlefield of Kerbela (Karbala) in 680 CE/AD.

Turks commemorate it by serving a special sweet pudding called asure (AH-shoo-REH) made with cereals, raisins and nuts.

4.       lady in red
6947 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 11:46 am


Quoting CANLI




And tonight is Kadir Gecesi...so Kandil Mübarek


 Canli - exact same post by kurtlovesgrunge for Regaip Kandil -




but it has saved people searching for information!



5.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 11:17 pm

From what i remember we dont have any post regarding Kadir night,but i didnt think about kandil,still i havent searched ...my mistake {#lang_emotions_shy}


Some more info then not at that link,


Laylat al-Qadr (Arabic: لیلة القدر&lrm (also known as Shab-e-Qadr), basically the Night of Decree or Night of Measures, is the anniversary of two very important dates in Islam that occurred in the month of Ramadan. It is the anniversary of the night Muslims believe the first verses of the Qur´an were revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Shia Muslims believe also that this night is when their fate in the following year is decided and hence pray for God all night long and pray for mercy and salvation. This practice is called Ehyaa (basically meaning "revival").




6.       catwoman
8933 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 11:20 pm

Thank you Canli for this information.. I have a question though - are these special days celebrated in some way? Do you do anything on these days?

7.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 11:37 pm

Well,its different from person to another..

But generally,we all make doa in that night,asking forgiveness and whatever we want

We pray extra prayers ´each one decide how many´ and we read Kur´an


Some people go and do all this in the mosques,and stay there till dawn,praying and making doa with other people,its more spiritual of course,but i personally havent tried that one

8.       armegon
1872 posts
 28 Sep 2008 Sun 02:45 am

Laylat al-Qadr the only holy night mentioned in Kuran, surah 97.

Geç kaldýk ama yine de mübarek olsun .

9.       crazy_girl
3 posts
 28 Sep 2008 Sun 08:39 am

Thank you

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