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Cafe Mosque?
1.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 03 Oct 2008 Fri 02:29 am

Turkey´s official religious institution, the Directorate of Religious Affairs, took a bold step two years ago by launching a project cleansing the Islamic tradition from misogyny....... remove the degrading remarks against women, which represent not the original message of Islam but the male-dominated culture of the past. ..
Libraries, cafes, and worship:
  - Mosques will be turned into places used for not only worship but also social activity. In the year 2010, libraries, cafeterias, public halls and classrooms will be added to some 200 mosques throughout Turkey. Some will have computer rooms. The long-term goal will be to have at least five such multi-purpose mosques in every town whose population is bigger than 20 thousand people...

   - Imams will get feedback from the local community by distributing questionnaires that will ask, ?How can we serve you better??

  The Diyanet will also conduct research on puzzling questions such as euthanasia for hopeless patients and abortion for disabled embryos. ...

 ...the modern one, office hours, will be taken into consideration. They can´t start the prayer before Sun reaches its climax, but they can postpone it a bit.

 .. Tradition has its merits, to be sure, but it was formed in an age that was very different from ours. At that time, the society´s common lifestyle was not too different from the one we find today in mosques. But now, while we still keep the mosque in the same old way, society has changed enormously. ..
  So, perhaps Islam needs a totally new form of mosque, along with the classic ones, in order to appeal to modern people. Perhaps a place which has post-modern architecture, a smiling receptionist, and a conference hall..

  ...For the ultra-conservative, it should be a place which should keep people in the 7th century. But what we really need is a lively mosque which will speak to the minds of the 21st century.




I love the idea personally..

2.       CANLI
5084 posts
 03 Oct 2008 Fri 03:34 am


Quoting thehandsom



 Good to see you handsom


Ý like that idea also,its more like institution not cafee,

We have this here and more but with Churches,they pray,they teach,they get social together,they have modern facilities,also they have attached play grounds so they can practice their favorite sport .

They have the holly building for praying and then attached buildings for others ´teaching,playing,..etc´ serving them as service for them or with small fees

Ýn mosques,we have the mosque for praying,and sometimes attached building for teaching,no more

Ý would like also to have that one here.


3.       Trudy
7887 posts
 03 Oct 2008 Fri 10:07 am

Here many mosques have that same possibilities (though also many have not - not yet). Some cities have ´problem youngsters´ a lot and starting e.g. computer rooms near/at the mosque seems to help to decrease the trouble they cause.

4.       teaschip
3870 posts
 03 Oct 2008 Fri 05:07 pm

It has worked in the Christian community for many years now.  I think it´s a great idea...as long as the public has an open invite.   The last thing they want to promote is social isolation from the rest of their communities.  Why not promote social & religous acceptance.  The more people are educated, I believe the more tolerant we are. 

5.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 03 Oct 2008 Fri 05:25 pm

The rural town where I live is to get it´s first prayer facilities for the town´s muslim community, after almost 30 years of petitioning.  There are about 40 Muslim families in the town.  An old building in the town is to be converted into a multi-faith community centre and it will house a ´mosque´ within it. 


I believe there are quite a few inter-faith initiatives in the UK.

6.       doudi94
845 posts
 03 Oct 2008 Fri 09:48 pm

Im so ahppy for this!!

Coz tahst how its supposed to be!

I hate close minded ppl!




yalla inshallh theyll do this soon in Egypt,


Im so hapoy for Turkiye !

7.       zettea
160 posts
 12 Nov 2008 Wed 02:17 pm

idea is great.. Most mosques in Singapore have that too...  just make sure it does not become like a social place between non-mahrems especially for the cafe idea

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