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Army/Media and Turkey
1.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 18 Oct 2008 Sat 09:32 pm

The other day we were talking about the army´s political power in Turkey..

Here is a translation from Ahmet Altan -Taraf news paper:



This is a country with full of energy.
It is a  country which has a deep history, has a colorful culture piled up from different eras,has an amazing nature and geography.
A country with unexceptional humour, with very strong poetry, with childishly savagery and innocence 
This is a beautiful country
This is a gifted country with full of presents from God
Then what is this situation?
what makes us so weak?
Why are we this poor, this weak and full of blood
what do we need to do in order to live like humans?
I can answer with two words only
Correct (the) army
I can add two more words
correct (the) media
If these two institutions work properly, if they work like in developed countries army and media, you will see how fast this country´s fate will change.

Look..What was behind the doors of bloody  Aktutun attack was published in this paper.
This attack which was known in advance, and its preparations were filmed all the time.
No precautions were taken
Those boys were left there to die.
can you think such an army like this?

Do you remember the first speeches of the new head of of the armed forces and the army?
what they were talking was nothing to do with their professions
They were about the politics
They were talking like two politicians
Nobody told them ´it is not your job..you do your own job´
And those young boys paid for this (instead of making their own profession they were dealing with the politics)
Earlier, they did not stop that attack of Daglica and now they did not stop aktutun attack although they knew them in advance
Then, they come up and asked for oppressing laws
That is what they really want..They want to continue the military regime and make it as powerful as possible
That is the reason why they are trying to stop democratic ways of solving Kurdish problem
They are so into politics that they left the army aside
They only want to keep the political power in their hands and want to increase the pressure on society
No such an army is an army
In every normal country on this planet, the generals are taken into account for this.
Is it happening here?
There were group meetings of parties yesterday
No party mentioned this subject
They continued to fight with each other
Because it is easier that way
But, If they are not going to take the responsibility of those young boys who were left to die in Aktutun, what responsibility are they going to take?
Why do these parties exist?
what is the government for? 
What that PM for?
What difference does it make if we have a PM who doesnt take anybody into account for this  tragedy, or not.
Now, take todays papers and look at them
How many papers will criticize these politicians because the did not talk about aktutun
How many papers will ask the government ´you have to take somebody into account for this´?
If media was a real media, it would not leave this incident alone
Then because, the politician would know this and they would do their job instead of those  fighting with each other shamefully
They would own those boys who died.
They would own that so that no other boys  die
First of all, the army has to be corrected in this country
They have to remove it from the politics
Otherwise many boys will die
We are paying the price of tolerating such an army and such politicians by watching our boys dying..

The original is :



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