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ýssýz adam - harika
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1.       asphaltina
200 posts
 01 Dec 2008 Mon 12:59 am

i don´t know if someone posted about this movie before...  it´s great ... i just wanted to share






2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 14 Dec 2008 Sun 09:16 pm

I heard about this movie and I want to see it, but I think it´s too new to be available anywhere in the US..

Where did you find it?

3.       Prym
192 posts
 17 Dec 2008 Wed 05:57 pm

I went movie yesterday. I was curious about TC members opinions about it. But there is no comment.  There was only 2 available seat on the cinema. But I don´t like it I mean OK It is not bad movie but what is the big deal? People say they cried, it was so emotional etc. End of the movie was obvious from the beginning.  There is a man who has some issues (cliche) and a woman smart, confident, pretty etc. ( an other cliche). He a is chief who makes good money, but why he is so lonely aggressive, and freaking about getting attach. 


It is also so obvious he tried so hard to get rid of his past his ´country boy´ image.


He loves old records and she uses analog camera instead of digital one ( yea got the message ha ha ha ).


They met and become lovers. Musics are interesting of course and views are good too. But the movie full of cliches. She enters his life teach him to love and difference between just having sex and making love. When he realized he falls for her (or already fell in love with her) he scares and run away.


What has made this movie so popular? Is it fact every woman had/has an ´Issýz Adam´ once in a lifetime.? She knew what kinda person he is and she used to have sort of boy friends before. So why she is choosing wrong men over and over again? I believe she is masochistic ( joke) but it may show us that  her lack of self respect.


If I would be writing in Turkish I could say lots of thing but my English is limited so I am waiting opinions people who have seen the movie. I like  Çaðan Irmak but people are like ´Çaðan ýrmak neyler neylerse güzel eyler´   Like what ever he does he does the best. I don´t think so. He did good works before and I believe he will do again in future but TO ME ´Issýz Adam´ is not one of his ´good´ projects.



Some lines little bit hars but if you can understand read this.





Edited (8/21/2009) by Prym

4.       Agones
4 posts
 01 Feb 2009 Sun 11:44 pm

if you watch this film you should do visit www.gunlukfilm.com than search  (arama ) it in there.

Issýz adam and a lot of turkish films in there.

5.       Prym
192 posts
 17 Feb 2009 Tue 05:51 pm

People who wants to watch movie here is the link . But no subtitles.




6.       Kiara
145 posts
 09 Apr 2009 Thu 09:53 pm

I watched this movie on the computer first only in Turkish and then again with English subtitles. I liked it....I think he was lonely because he realized at the end that he made a HUGE mistake by breaking up with her....but by the time he realized that she was more important to him than his freedom, it was too late .


Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and she made him a better person than he was before he met her. Smile

7.       kurtlovesgrunge
1435 posts
 09 Apr 2009 Thu 10:11 pm

another movie that i would like to advise : it is the latest movie of Ferhan Sensoy:


"Son Ders"





8.       *Carla Louise*
207 posts
 09 Apr 2009 Thu 11:34 pm

I have to say this movie had a strong effect on me, the ending was so powerful, although some found it predictable, I still cried. One of my favourite films of all time.

9.       catwoman
8933 posts
 31 May 2009 Sun 09:02 pm

Really great movie!!! I highly recommend it...


The issue that was raised in this movie is so relevant for men all over the world. We are working so hard to change the way masculinity is shaped these days and get away from objectifying and purchasing women and their sexuality (as if they were inhumane objects). Men all over the world have a huge problem with how they fundamentally define their masculinity. Turkish men are, in my opinion, both further away and closer to the goal of bringing down the gender gap. Further away because there is considerably more disparities between genders in Turkey and less consciousness about that.. but also closer because in Turkish culture men are more comfortable with showing their feelings, at least between each other -- that is why it may be easier to appeal to their feelings so that they see that women are full human beings as well..


Anyway, I think that every man should see this movie.. and hopefully get a little bit closer to the understanding of themselves, love, and to realizing what is wrong with the concept of "masculinity" and how misogynistic it is way too often..


The end of the movie to me was surprising, there wasn´t any of the black and white ´separated´ or ´didn´t separate´... it was complex and intelligent enough that even if you know how the movie ended, you will not miss out on the richness of the scene when you see it.


There is really nothing I can criticize about this movie... I think that it honestly showed the destructive masculinity identity and has shown what is wrong with it..

10.       MauiGirl
4 posts
 17 Sep 2009 Thu 05:07 am

It can be seen on youtube.com if anyone can receive youtube. There is also English Subtitled version as well. 

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