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Antalya Province Caves
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1.       slavica
814 posts
 02 Apr 2006 Sun 03:50 am

Antalya Caves

With an approximate number of 40.000 caves and caverns present, Turkey, compared to other countries, looks like a 'paradise of caverns'. Antalya Province is located at Taurus Region, the most important and largest karst region in Turkey, and is rich with spectacular limestone formations, caves, stalactites, stalagmites, and subterranean lakes.

Beldibi Cave is an archeological side, continuously open to local and foreign tourists. The cave is an under - rock shelter, at 25 m. height from the coast. The cultures found inside this cave display similarities with many Upper Paleolithic and Mesolotic cultures of Europe. The most interesting for visitors are the rock-paintings - human, mountain goat and deer drawing sketches.

Karain Cave is one of the greatest natural caves of Turkey. It is located 30 km northwest of Antalya at Yağcı Village, at a height of about 370 metres from the sea.
Cave was continuously inhabited by early humans during the prehistoric and classic periods starting from lower Paleolithic, medium and high Paleolithic, Neolithic, Calcolithic and Ancient Bronze stages. It served as a habitat for the paleolithic, neolithic and Chalcolithic people in ancient times and was also used as a temple to the mountain goddess. According to Greek inscriptions and niches found at the cave exterior walls and ceiling, the usage of the cave at the classical period was more likely as an Offering Cave(Temple).
The cave is famous for the numerous paleolithic remains found here, some dated to be 160,000 years old, although the most of the finds are about 50,000 years old. Beneath human remains, there were discovered the bones of cave bear and horses. Cultural findings include also hand axes, various scrapers, jewellery and arrowheads made of flintstone.
Most of the unearthed findings are displayed in the small museum located at the entrance of Karain Cave.

Altinbesik Dudeni Cave is one of the most beautiful caves of Turkey. It is situated on the western slopes of the Manavgat River Valley, within the boundaries of Ürünlü Village. Its name comes from the Altinbesik Hill, on the upper side of the cave. It is not easy to reach Altinbesik Dudeni, since, after coming to Ürünlü village, visitor has to walk 5 km by a very poor road, but this fascinating underground world beneath the Tauros mountains worth it.
The examined part of cave is 2200 m. Many lakes are to be found underground. The lakes are at different levels, resulting in cascades. The cave begins with a 125 m lake from at the entrance, so a boat is necessary to enter. The depth of cave reaches 15 m. in some parts. In the mid part of lake there is a natural bridge. The first lake ends at the nearly vertical travertine barrier which has 44 m. height. There are also two lakes on the travertine. After the travertene the cave goes with 3 branches and the active branch was examined up to a hole of 8 m. height. The cave was covered with travertene and fissures. In the upper level, there are stalactites and stalagmites.
The cave is not open to the public, but the surrounding area of the Manavgat Valley is of great natural beauty, and Uruncu is known for its impressive local architecture.

The Zeytintasi Cave , situated at the southern slope of Zeytintasi Hill, 16 km from town of Serik, is discovered by a coincidence in 1997, while excavating for a stone. It is 14 m bellow the ground and has two levels: the upper level, 136m, and the lower one, 97 m long. The cave has many stalactites, stalagmites, columns and dripstones, and it is unique with its macaroni type stalactites. Its natural beauty and an untouched environment, with a a typical Mediterranean climate, give visitors feeling of of tranqulity and serenity. It is also convenient for climbing and photo-safari tours for the wild animals.

Dilek mağarasi (Cave of wishes, Under Düden Waterfall Cave) is situated 12 km from the centre of Antalya, in the rock underneath 20 metres high Düden Waterfalls. Entering into the cave it is possible to pass to the rear side of the water. Deep in the cave is a big hall. The sky is visible through the open arch of the hall, underneath of which there is interesting natural formation. It is such a feeling like molten meteorite flew in through that hole, burst into the floor, spilled into different directions, and had frozen. There is a legend that if you tie the thread or rag around one of the coges any wish would come true.

Alanya Caves

As you can call Turkey 'Land of caves', so you can call Alanya 'City of caves'. There are a lot of land and sea caves all around the city.

The world famous Alanya cave, Damlataş Cave is located at the coast inside the borders of Alanya, 3 km from the city center. It was found by accident, during blasting work for building of Alanya Harbour in 1948.
Accorrding to scientists, Damlataş cave was formed between BC 20.000-15.000 years. It covers an area of total 200 m, it is 18 metres deep and full of stalagmites and stalactites of magnificent beauty.
Today Damlataş cave is one of the Alanya's most popular attractions. There is a small market around and in 70m of the cave is a beach. Nearby is the Archaeology and Ethnography Museums.
Besides its fascinating beauty the cave is famous with its therapeutic climate.The cave has a constant temperature of 22-23 degrees C and humidity level of more than 90%. It has been found that the air of the cave with its carbon dioxide, nitrogen and radioactivity content is beneficial to people with respiratory problems - asthma and bronchitis. Therefor, pacients visits the cave every morning and inhale the air with its therapeutic properties.

Alanya See Caves - the natural sea caves - are located right and left on the top of the penisula of Alanya. Little boats from Alanya Harbour take people to see the ones accessible only from the sea. During the visit, people can even swim inside these caverns.
Fosforlu Cave is located on the side of Damlataş Cave in the peninsula. Because of its geological construction, there are colorfull light play by the stony bottom, seems to be phosphorescent. The ground shines especially at nights due to the reflection of the moonlight, but the glitter is also seen in the daytime. Swimming here is an enjoying experience.
Korsanlar Cave is situated under the historical peninsula where the Alanya Castle is. Little boats can enter the cave, but it's also possible to enter the cave swimming. According to the legend, there was a hidden path reaching the castle and the pirates of ancient time took out their booty from this path to the upper part of the castle. Another legend says that in this cave pirates imprisoned their female captives.
Aşıklar Cave is also located by the side of the historical peninsula. It has two entrances, so it is possible to reach the cave not only by boat, but also by rock climbing. Since altitute of the low entrance is 8 m, people can jump into the sea here, where boats are waiting for them to gather them out. There was also a rumours that the pirates hid their booty and girls in this cave, but the cave was probably named as Lovers Cave because the couples dated there secretly. According to the legend, in this cave Cleoptra also enjoyed refreshing baths.

Dim Cave , located within the bounderies of Alanya - Kestel township, was known for a long time. It is estimated to be 1 million years old. During 1986 cavern was studied geologicaly and geomorphologicaly, and in 1998 is introduced to visitors. It is the second biggest cave known to the visitors. The 360 m long path is prepared and illuminated, so visitors can enjoy a tremendous scenary of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as a small lake taking place at the South part of the cave. After visiting the cave, visitors can go down the path to Dim Creek valley or take the walk up the cave, where can enjoy a panoramic view of Alanya Fortress.

Hasbahçe Cave, situated 4 km away from the city center in Inisdibi, Hasbahçe Quarter, is four times bigger than Damlataş Cave. Ornated with stalactites and stalagmites, it hasn't opened to visitors yet, but used to store citrus fruits due to the chilly atmosphere in it.

Kadıini Cave is located at a place called Çatak, about 15 km north-east of Alanya. During the researches, scientists found some human skeletons and fossils 20.000 years old, which made this cave the first settlement for the people of Alanya. In Kadıini Cave can be seen stalagmites and stalactites three times bigger than the ones in Damlataş Cave, but it is also has not been introduced to visitors yet

Karatas-Semahoyuk Cave, situated in Alanya, is full of stalactites and stalacmites and due to the humidity being 90% in the interior, it is said to be effective in the treatment of the respiratory system.

Source: http://www.showcaves.com/english/tr

2.       ramayan
2633 posts
 02 Apr 2006 Sun 04:05 am

dostum sen bir harikasın ya.excellent work.aferin sana
following u

3.       sophie
2712 posts
 02 Apr 2006 Sun 11:54 am

The pictures are breathtaking! Wow! Excellent work!

4.       Elisa
0 posts
 02 Apr 2006 Sun 02:28 pm

Very impressive indeed, thanks!

5.       Boop
785 posts
 02 Apr 2006 Sun 03:42 pm

OOOoooh Soooopa - thanx

6.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 02 Apr 2006 Sun 05:56 pm

ohhh so gorgeous! I think I wouldn't mind to become someone who writes travelguides and stuff Won't it be great to visit such places, learn how to take professional photos, write about it.. and even get paid for it

7.       bliss
900 posts
 05 Apr 2006 Wed 11:28 am

Yes, you are right Deli-Kizin. That's great job.

I just want to say that our Slavica is jewel in TC. I can't imagine our lovely site without her. How many sleepless nights she spent for all of us to have those wonderful pictures and annotations.
I do not have words to express my gratitude.

My dear sestrichka, thank you for the gorgeous pictures and all the knowledge I can get. Without visiting my dream country I know many things just thanks to you.

Tak derjat, sestrichka!!!
Love you!

8.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 05 Apr 2006 Wed 01:47 pm

Have you never visited Türkiye, Bliss? I had fallen in love with it too, before even having been there. It was kinda like my man Love before meeting

I always enjoy reading your posts, especially the poetry ones, but i actually know nothing of you

I still vote for a more inovated user-profile

9.       ramayan
2633 posts
 06 Apr 2006 Thu 02:35 am

Quoting Deli_kizin:

I always enjoy reading your posts, especially the poetry ones, but i actually know nothing of you

u have many things to learn deli-kadir except ur kadir heheheh

10.       bliss
900 posts
 06 Apr 2006 Thu 03:41 am

Thank you Deli_kizin!
Yes, unfortunately I never been in Türkiye. It is my dream to visit one day and see all my friends whom I love dearly.
Ramayan, she is young and will have many things in her life, let her enjoy that wonderful feeling toward Kadir.
By the way, I like they way Deli_kizin speaks about him. I wish them all the happiness.
Thank you again.
Take care.

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