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Bogazici canim..:)
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1.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 30 Dec 2008 Tue 04:46 pm

Serifler yalisi

Located in Emirgan, it is one of the most beautiful yalis of Istanbul. ..

(half way Bosphorous, towards black see, on the European side)
It was built in the 17th century (I can not find a real date about it ) during Murat the 4th (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murad_IV)

It was given as a present to the persian commander who gave the city of Erivan without a fight.The name of this commander was Yusuf Han Emirgune (that is where the name Emirgan comes from) And he become very good friend of the sultan..According to the rumors, Emirgune was the person who made Murat IV an alcholic. (And He died because of that)
After his death, typical Ottoman know-how -you always clean the previous ruler´s close associates first-, He was hanged by the new rulers.

Anyway, a century later, when Ottoman sultans realized that conquering other countries was long gone, they switched the other means of controlling the dynasty..They brought the powerful families and people into Istanbul and gave some land and yalis to them in order to domesticate them!!
The yali itself  was bought by Amir of Macca at the begining of 19 century..They were called ´serif family´.
Serif family was  coming from Hashemites (The Hashemites trace their ancestry from Hashim ibn Abd al-Manaf , the great-grandfather of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, although the definition today mainly refers to the descendants of the prophet´s daughter, Fatimah.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashemite
Sultan would appoint one of them as Amir of Macca.
in 1908, Huseyin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hussein_bin_Ali,_Sharif_of_Mecca) took the post..Although everything was going well for centuries, but this time it was not as before..He was the last  Hashemite Ottomans appointed..
Why was that? what did went wrong? who to blame?
It was evil Brits of course.
A person called Lord Kitchener (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Kitchener) -I am sure you will remember the posters) emerged and persuaded Huseyin and his sons to rebel against the Ottomans and be the caliph..(and of course be loyal to British)
Anyway..later on, when Huseyin declared his Caliphate in the west of Arabia, his army was crashed by Suud family which become the ruler of Saudi Arabia..Huseyin escaped to Cyprus and died there.
His sons(Faisal and Abdullah)...Faisal was the ruler of Syria in 1920 but removed by the French..He had to take refuge in Jordan which was ruled by his brother Abdullah..When they were planing to fight against french to have it back, they were persuaded not to by the British and Abdullah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdullah_I_of_Jordan) stayed as amir of Jordan and Faisal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faisal_I_of_Iraq) become the king of Iraq until end of his life..
in 1951, Abdullah of Jordan got killed by a Palestinian and his son Tallal become the new king..But he was a bit loopy loopy and his brother Huseyin had to take the crown (he died a few years ago) Tallal was sent back to Istanbul but not into the yali..into a mad house (when Turkish papers run out of story, they would go and take some pictures of him on top of trees)

  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f2/Kfaisal1.png     File:Kingabdullahbinhussein.jpg  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/06/Hussein_of_Jordan_1997.jpg/439px-Hussein_of_Jordan_1997.jpg

Above Faisal, Abdullah I of Jordan, Huseyin.


Lets get back to ´serifler yalisi´, put some pictures and make this post more appealing













Sources : Here and there..But mainly the book   Bogaziçi´nde Yalilar, Insanlar Murat Belge

2.       hedef
363 posts
 09 Jan 2009 Fri 09:53 pm

thank you thehandsom for this historical informative article. you have summerized a whole era in an interesting presentation. although i´ve studied history but iv´e never been intrested before as i was reading this article thanks again

3.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 09 Jan 2009 Fri 10:39 pm

4.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 12:07 am

You are welcome hedef and Ros..

I am glad my post which I enjoyed writing has not been wasted..

5.       libralady
5152 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 12:13 am


Quoting thehandsom

You are welcome hedef and Ros..

I am glad my post which I enjoyed writing has not been wasted..


 It certainly is not wasted!!! It is nice (and interesting!) to read something out Istanbul like this. Thank you. {#lang_emotions_ty_ty}

6.       lady in red
6947 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 12:15 am


Quoting libralady

 It certainly is not wasted!!! It is nice (and interesting!) to read something out Istanbul like this. Thank you. {#lang_emotions_ty_ty}


 I agree!  I didn´t see this before - very interesting.  Thanks theH.

7.       libralady
5152 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 12:31 am


Quoting thehandsom

You are welcome hedef and Ros..

I am glad my post which I enjoyed writing has not been wasted..


 Where is the white building located - along the Bosphorus?  It just looks quite familiar, and I remember stopping along the Bosphorus (before the Bosphorus bridge) at a cafe and the building was very similar.

8.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 12:34 am


Quoting libralady

 Where is the white building located - along the Bosphorus?  It just looks quite familiar, and I remember stopping along the Bosphorus (before the Bosphorus bridge) at a cafe and the building was very similar.




It is after the second bridge to the north..The place called ´Emirgan´..


9.       libralady
5152 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 01:05 am


Some more interesting detail about the yalis of Istanbul.  Next time I go it will be something I look out for.  No doubt when we walk around Istanbul we do not realise what we are seeing.

10.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 13 Jan 2009 Tue 12:29 am

Sadullah Pasa yalisi

Located at Cengelkoy on the Asian side of Istanbul..Just after the first bridge towards the black sea, on the right..
It is one the most beautiful yalis of Istanbul..


lets copy and paste some architectural (boring) info first:

Placed longitudinally along the waterside on the north-south axis, the mansion has a traditional Turkish plan known as the central hall (merkezi sofali) type on two floors. Four entrances, one at the center of each side, lead into a rectangular central hall at the ground floor that has two rooms at its four beveled corners. The north and south entrances open into enclosed stairways, and the western entrance gives out to the dock. The scale of the mansion is relatively small; the central hall measures 8 by 11 meters.

This plan is repeated on the second floor, except for the shape of the central hall, which becomes elliptical. The upper rooms are also slightly larger; they project beyond the frame carried on angled consoles on the exterior. Crowned with a shallow ribbed vault, the oval hall of the upper floor is extended by rectangular iwans (eyvan) to the west and east, providing views of the Phosphorus and the gardens respectively. Its ribbed structure and decoration is likened to a tent by scholars, who trace the evolution of this form to the domed tent (otag), which in Central Asian tradition was raised for festive occasions.

The painted decoration of the walls, dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, was revealed when the wallpaper was removed during the 1947 restoration. The rooms are all decorated individually with motifs taken equally from the classical Ottoman and baroque traditions. Among depictions of flowers, fruits and vegetation adorning the rooms on the second floor are landscape renderings that show contemporary sites such as the Topkapi Palace and the Serefabad Seaside Palace. The room ceilings have plaster molding with varied patterns, the more elaborate of which are on the second floor.

It was built in 1770 (it is just an estimate) during Abdülhamid I  (1774-1789). It is one of the oldest remaining yalis of Istanbul. First owner was Mehmed Aga, who served the chief officer (darüssaade agasi) of the Ottoman palace. Then Koca Yusuf Pasha, one of the grand viziers, bought it. When Koca Yusuf Pasha died, Yali was occupied by his daughter who was married to Seydi Ali Pasha , Kaptan-i derya (the admiral who is in charge of the fleets ) Then Seydi Ali Pasha´s son who was the governor of Bahdad, lived there until his bankruptcy. Then Yali was bought by Ayasli Esat Muhlis pasha at 1851..
But it was his son gave his name to this Yali : Sadullah Pasha..
So who is this Sadullah Pasha?
He was one of the finest Ottoman creation at his time. he had a very good education and a very capable statesman.. He was one the first persons who supported ideas such as positivism and materialism in poetry in ottoman literature..
When Murat V  become the sultan, he sent his boat to pick him up from that yali.. Although his luck seemed to be going up, the sultan´s luck was quite bad. He stayed only 93 days in power.
When Abdulhamid the paranoid took the reign, he did not want Sadullah Pasha around.. Of course he was a very capable man, and Abdulhamid had to give him a job, he sent him to Berlin as ambassador..
He was one of the persons who signed the Berlin treaty

(During the celebration of the treaty, this is just a rumor of course, he was taken  pity by one of Princesses (Sophia, daughter of Queen Victoria) as he was just sitting alone and watching the celebrations, she  invited him to dance with her. He was quite embarrassed by the fact that like any of his Ottoman Pashas in his era, he did not know how to dance -From their point of view, dancing was an act performed by gypsies or belly dancers- )
Anyway, Sadullah Pasha´s next job was ambassador of Vienna. He was sent there in 1883 and he committed suicide with gas in 1891.
He lived at the same time as Besir Fuad
Possibly they knew eachother..
Besir Fuad was another famous person in ottoman literature. Because he cut his wrists and wrote everyting down about how it felt until his dead!!

When they informed his wife who was waiting for him in that yali, the poor woman, Necibe Hanim, lost his marbles..Front time to time, she would walk with pink clothes until her dead (1917) in that yali. Because Sadullah Pasha told her ´pink suited her well´ in their youth.
Yali was rented by Aysegul Tecimer later on(Asil Nadir´s ex wife)..


Lets put some pictures now:







Please have a look at it if you happened to be taking a Bosphorus´ trip in Istanbul..

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