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An unforgettable year for the military
1.       thehandsom
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 03 Jan 2009 Sat 02:06 pm

Historians will describe 2008 as the "beginning of a period in which the change in the relationship of the Turkish Armed Forces with political administrations was clarified."


In order for me to talk about my observation, I first need to remind you of the public’s former perception in respect to the Turkish Armed Forces, or TSK. For the majority of Turkish Society, especially for the secular, educated middle and upper class, the TSK was a guarantee of the system. 


It was considered the keeper of secularism. Within this frame it was perceived as the impartial censor of administrations. An institution purified of fraud, serious, disciplined, well-educated and only concerned for its motherland, and if need be "asked to defend the regime or motherland in the name of its people." 


The Turkish society for years used to see its soldiers as their cure-all supermen. 

... This situation gave them an immense power. People would trust the military more than the individuals it elected. The military would use its position very well. If need be it would through a declaration or a statement administrations take a step back, change their decision or even resign from their duty. 



And in 2008 a new balance was established. 


From journals published in the magazine Nokta we learned that in 2004 commanders-in-chief engaged in preparations for a military coup in order to stop the AKP, but did not receive the expected support from the period’s General Staff Gen. Özkök and thus could not deepen their plan further. ...

Abdullah Gül with his wife, who wears a headscarf, in Çankaya, the secular portion went crazy. Fear of losing the system spread and people started to appeal to the TSK. In the period of 2006 to 2007 Gen. Büyükanit behaved the way secularists wanted him to.


The General Staff criticized the administration whenever possible... ..


The TSK, despite its announcement on April 22, could not say a word. In 2008 this new balance was clinched. Gül became president. Republican meetings subsided. On May 5, after Erdogan met with Gen. Büyükanit "privately for three hours," all of a sudden old disputes between the TSK and the administration subsided completely. 

..In summary, 2008 was a year that made it clear that there has been an end to the period in which the Turkish Armed Forces used to interfere in political administrations. 



..In 2008 two unfortunate events were experienced that made the TSK upset and caused question marks to rise in the mind of the public. The first event took place on Sept. 21, 2007, when eight soldiers were taken hostage by the PKK in Daglica during an incursion and released after several days. The other event took place on May 10, 2008, when 19 PKK members were killed, 17 of our soldiers were martyred and 21 of our soldiers wounded during an incursion in Aktütün-Bayraktepe. These two events created reaction in the public. They spread the impression that the TSK is not as successful as set forth and that neglect took place. A never-seen-before criticism campaign was then seen. This time it wasn’t the pious, but also the secular media throwing arrows. 

..For the TSK, 2008 was looking from this perspective like an unforgettable year.

The article:



I would agree with most of it..But more is necessary in my opinion..



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