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Still believe that ´Ergenekon is just AKP opposers´?
1.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 28 Jan 2009 Wed 11:25 pm

A week ago a retired  Col. (Abdülkerim Kirca) was committed suicide..

There was a large military attendance at his funeral yesterday, held at Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara. Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug also joined the funeral service, in addition to the four force commanders.

The news about it:


And now this:


Former member describes JITEM´s reign of terror

Mind the name (Abdülkerim Kirca)


Abdülkadir Aygan A former member of a gendarmerie intelligence unit that does not exist on paper and whose existence has been consistently denied by officials spoke to the Taraf daily, giving spine chilling details about the brutality of the organization´s reign of terror in Turkey´s Kurdish-dominated Southeast.


Aygan, who has been living in Stockholm for fear of his life since confessing, first came into the spotlight when an alleged former leader of JITEM, Maj. Abdülkerim Kirca, was found dead in his home last week. Kirca’s death appeared to be a suicide.


Families of the victims of hundreds of unsolved murders accused Kirca of being behind most of the murders committed in Turkey’s East and Southeast in the ‘90s. A surge in the number of unsolved deaths coincides with the term he served in the region.


Aygan claimed that he had witnessed Kirca, who received the State Merit of Honor from former President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, kill three men with a gun in the southeastern city of Silopi. Aygan’s de[script]ions were printed in various newspapers on the day of Kirca’s suicide.


In the first section of a lengthy interview with Taraf’s Nese Düzel, Aygan described how he joined JITEM in 1990 as a PKK informant who had made use of Turkey’s partial-amnesty regulations, ..... JITEM is thought to be an important branch of the larger Ergenekon network. ...

Aygan described how JITEM worked: They call their acts ‘operations.’ For example, you are suspicious of someone. Normally, security forces would file a criminal complaint on the basis of some evidence, and a court would decide if the person is guilty or not. That’s not what JITEM is like. Those who had any relationship with the PKK were reported to JITEM, which did its job.


Aygan stated that, to JITEM, ´doing its job´ meant taking a person illegally, taking them to JITEM headquarters, then questioning them there, then executing them, and then hiding, burning or burying their body...


.. gave an estimate for Diyarbakir province. ´In the 10 years I served in Diyarbakir, I would say the number of executions by JITEM would be 600 or 700.´ 


All JITEM operations always ended in death. As an example, there was a young man rumored to be a PKK member. His family had immigrated to Diyarbakir from Lice. He lived in the Sehitlik neighborhood. That young man was taken to JITEM, questioned. Later, he was shot with a bullet in the head and left in an empty field. But later I heard from Abdülkerim Kirca, that, it turned out, he wasn’t killed by the bullet shot into his brain. He was only shocked. He walked to Batman and went to the hospital. He told about what he had been through, after which, the Batman team informed Kirca on the phone and explained the situation. Aygan said the young man was killed in the hospital later on.


Aygan said people were generally strangled with wires or electric cables. Torture would last usually one or two nights. They weren’t killed right away. They were even given some bread so they wouldn’t die before being interrogated.


He recalled the details of another murder. There was a university kid named Servet Aslan. He had a girlfriend from Mersin named Fatma. There were no allegations against her. She had nothing to do with it. Based on testimony from Serpil [Toprak], who was an informant like us, these two were taken from the center of Diyarbakir as they walked hand in hand. The kid had never joined the PKK. He had his girlfriend. They led a completely normal life. No PKK member would walk hand-in-hand with his girlfriend in the city center. They killed them both, even though he cried, saying he wasn’t a PKK member. Both were questioned and tortured. Abdülkerim Kirca himself tortured that girl.




That is what I have been talking about when we were arguing about ´terrorism only´, ´we will go and crash them all´, ´all anti people opposing AKP is ergenekon´ blah blah..


You can hide the truth once, twice etc..But not forever!!


ps..Details for Turks:  http://www.taraf.com.tr/makale/3733.htm


2.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 12 Mar 2009 Thu 10:14 am

The Istanbul Prosecutor´s Office on Tuesday submitted an additional indictment in the trial of Ergenekon, a clandestine terrorist organization with members from various state agencies, including the military


Prosecution demands 13 life sentences for two generals..




Ergenekon accused of Sivas, Gazi massacres


The prosecution accuses Ergenekon of the following crimes in the new indictment:


1) Organizing the Sivas massacre of July 2, 1993, which resulted in the deaths of 37 Alevi intellectuals. The victims, who had gathered for a cultural festival in Sivas, were killed when a mob of religious fundamentalists set fire to the hotel where the group had assembled.


2) The Gazi neighborhood incident on March 12, 1995, when unidentified individuals opened fire with automatic weapons at a store and three coffee shops in the Gazi quarter of Gaziosmanpasa, a district of Istanbul. Twenty-five people were injured and one died before the perpetrators killed a taxicab driver and fled the scene in the stolen vehicle.


3) Organizing the Basbaglar massacre, which came three days after the Sivas massacre. The Kurdistan Workers´ Party (PKK) attacked Erzincan´s Basbaglar village, and 29 people were killed on July 5, 1993.


4) The bombing of a public park in Diyarbakir which resulted in the deaths of 11 people, including eight children, on Sept. 12, 2006.


5) The killing of a general in the Lice district of Diyarbakir on Oct. 22, 1993. The commander of the Diyarbakir Regional Gendarmerie, Gen. Bahtiyar Aydin, known for his stance that terrorism could never be stopped by military force, was assassinated with a single bullet.


6) Violence that broke out in Ümraniye Prison during simultaneous operations by the police in Turkey´s jails on Dec. 19, 2000 following mass demonstrations and hunger strikes by inmates, which began in October of the same year in protest of new F-type prison facilities.


7) The execution of 33 soldiers by firing squad in 1993 on the Bingöl-Elazig highway.



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