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I have 2 questions
1.       Shannon
24 posts
 07 Apr 2006 Fri 08:25 pm

I have 2 questions

How hard is it for someone in Turkey to come to Canada...for a vist....?
or for university to get a PHD?
both i need to know if possible

sEcond question...i recently mailed a bracelet to Turkey, i just put it in a card and envelope and mailed it in the regular mail... i mailed it 7 weeks ago and he still has not recieved it...
I am in Canada..
i was jsut wondering if anyone else on heere knows anything
I am afraid it will not reach its destination at all
or should i jsut wait longer
I went to teh post office today and they can not trace it because i do not have a tracing #

I guess i should have found all this out before i mailed it....
please , if you know any of the above , could u answer
thank you

2.       uYkuSuz
614 posts
 07 Apr 2006 Fri 08:32 pm

i hv no idea about the first question
about the second one : when i was in Turkey my penpal has done the same thing like u ..she sent me somethin but i didn't receive.. i think maybe someone stole it when it's in in post - box ..or maybe they didnt allow me to receive in post office..

3.       Shannon
24 posts
 07 Apr 2006 Fri 08:36 pm

thank you for your reply
i guess i should have flown it there myself... hehe
i wonder why they would nt let u maybe recieve it...
I sent him a sterlin silver ID bracelet that i had seni seviyorum engraved... do they stop people from recieving such gifts there?
this sadens me

4.       uYkuSuz
614 posts
 07 Apr 2006 Fri 08:43 pm

i think someone has stolen it.. coz in Turkey sometimes i received the letters opened. and in our street there were some people who were checking mail-boxes 2 find precious things.. but who knows.. somethin happened that i dunno

5.       sanja_isyankar
457 posts
 07 Apr 2006 Fri 08:57 pm

i understand u....i sent something 2 but ....never receive...
maybe turkish people doesnt like presents 2 much

6.       Shannon
24 posts
 08 Apr 2006 Sat 05:48 pm

i spoke with my boyfriend last night and i finally told him what i had sent for his birthday almost 2 months ago cos i have given up hope that he would receive it.
Well he tells me that he probably has not got it because it would be somewhere else, i guess the x ray machines detect the jewellary and then they hold it. the person who is receiving it has to pick it up somewhere and pay the taxes...
I did not know this. In Canada we do not pay taxes on gifts...its horrible to think he has to go pay for the gift i sent
I will let you know if this is the case and he does get the gift! Just in case someone else is sending things that are not being received for this reason....your friends could have a pile of gifts waiting and not know it!

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