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Turkey’s Crisis and Future
1.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 12 Feb 2009 Thu 03:26 pm






he two trials that have been occupying the Turkish national

agenda today are likely to be the milestones of Turkey’s ability

to rid itself of an opaque regime shaped under bureaucratic tutelary.

One of the trials concerned the closure of the incumbent Justice and Development Party

(AK Party) and has finally been concluded, with a narrow victory for the ruling party

and democratic governance. The other is the Ergenekon case, which may unravel the

illegal nationalist organization intent on overthrowing the government and bringing an

isolationist dictatorial regime under the guise of national sovereignty.

The attempt to close the AK Party—deemed the center of anti-secular activities threatening

the state—began with a Constitutional Court verdict annulling a newly enacted

law that lifted a headscarf ban at universities. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s

reply was to accuse the Court of overriding Parliament and threatening national stability—

its headscarf policy is part of democratic reforms to advance free speech and minority

rights and has the support of the EU, which Turkey seeks to join. This is true, however

much the party lost enthusiasm for liberalizing and democratizing Turkey’s system

as part of its EU bid.

In its late July decision, the judiciary narrowly allowed the AK Party to survive—and,

with other political and civic organizations, to broaden the base of political participation

and public discourse. This is all to the good, though the fact that the case was brought

to begin with remain troubling.

The question is whether or not Turkey will be able to expose its alternative history,

bludgeoned by human rights violations, thousands of unsolved assassinations, restrictions

put on liberties, and military interventions in the political process and start a new

age marked with liberal ideals.

The Long Night of the Generals

The Ergenekon indictment has been formulated and a case has been initiated into

this putschist organization, labeled by the prosecutor as a terrorist outfit at the High

Criminal Court, which sees crimes against the state. The document is a summation of

a hundred thousand pages of evidence and supporting material. The indictment itself

Dogu Ergil

Ankara University









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Edited (2/12/2009) by Roswitha
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2.       cynicmystic
567 posts
 19 Feb 2009 Thu 03:59 am

what a shame no one responded to your post...


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