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‘Good news for you! We found your father´s corpse´
1.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 11 Mar 2009 Wed 11:47 pm

"Good news for you" may be the last thing that should be said to a family whose relatives´ remains have been found, 


..A "desire for a grave" is not the only commonality between the families of the missing: They all seek justice. They all hope that the Ergenekon investigation may answer the questions that have been weighing on their hearts and minds.


Their methods for remembering their missing relatives are different as well; some give the names of the missing people to their newborns. Some, like the Tunç family from the Kiziltepe district of Mardin, do not replace their curtains or repair their walls, which were pierced by bullets when their villages were raided.


.. village room (a sort of guest room and meeting area for the village), whose walls still contain traces of bullets and whose curtains pierced by bullets on that day were not changed.


The reason this room was not repaired is obstinacy; Fatma´s brother-in-law, who was paralyzed at that time, did not allow them to replace the curtains. He later died of lung cancer, but the practice remained in place.


When their village was raided by armed and masked people in 1993 -- the period when Atilla Ugur, a defendant in the Ergenekon trial, acted as the district´s gendarmerie commander -- the house of the Tunç family was opposite the village room. ...


"When someone dies, his/her relatives may forget him/her one day if they see his/her dead body. But in our case, we never know if he is alive or not. It is for this reason that we still nurture hope and his memory is still fresh."


"On the next day [after Yusuf Tunç was taken], my paralyzed uncle hired a car and went to the military post. They told him to bring witnesses to the incident. But no one wanted to appear as a witness out of fear. ...


When her children were young, Fatma told them that their father was imprisoned and would come back one day.


"I did not want them to feel sorry and grow bitter toward some people," she says,...


"How I wish," says Fatma, "he could see his daughter´s marriage, he could see her away from this house. How I wish we had moved away before these things happened to us. But they took him way, and now there is nothing to fear."


Yet they are still hopeful. "If only he was alive. Or if only we could find his dead body and put him into a grave so that we could say supplications for him on Fridays."


Fatma is hoping that her wishes will come true; she especially wants to have a grave that belongs to Yusuf Tunç.....

Now, the Tunç family hopes to find the corpse of their father in one of the wells that are being opened during the course of the Ergenekon investigation ....


Another family that has come one step closer to finding their missing father ......After former PKK member Abdülkadir Aygan gave an interview to the Star daily on Jan. 18, the children of Hakki Kaya renewed their hopes for eventually having a grave for their father. Aygan told Star that Hakki Kaya "was abducted by JITEM from the new Ziya Gökalp High School in Diyarbakir on Nov. 18, 1996, and he was interrogated and killed by JITEM, and his dead body was placed in a bag and buried near the curve leading to the Han village between fifth and 10th kilometer markers of the Diyabarkir-Silvan road."




What bothers Muttalip is another question. "They are just if we do not perform our military service. They are just if we do not pay our taxes. But if we fulfill all of our duties, why us?"


Vesile adds, "If one day I meet the people who murdered my father, I want to say to them, ‘For only one moment, put yourself in my shoes ... .´"


Hizbullah, it is claimed, is a shadowy network founded by Veli Küçük, a defendant at the Ergenekon trial, to fight against terrorism, and is considered to be responsible for a number of mysterious murders.


...Ramazan says they gathered all of their relatives and went to Kustepe village even though they were very afraid. They did find a bag containing a dead body there.


"We did not tie a rope, as we were told. The corpse was a young boy who was hardly the age of 20. He was from Idil and just married three months ago. We placed his dead body in the car and brought him to the prosecutor´s office. Still, we couldn´t find my father."


Yet, the start of the Ergenekon investigation renewed his hopes. "...


Full column:



This little story explains how the life has been for some of our citizens. 

When we were hearing the speaches from politicians and the army : ´it is just terrorism´, ´foreign powers´ , ´it is EU and USA´ blah blah..It was how it was..

But of course the good thing is that ´it is the first time ever´ there is a chance these people can be brought to justice. And it is the ´Ergenekon case´..

2.       femmeous
2642 posts
 12 Mar 2009 Thu 12:05 pm

it is an agony of emotions when you dont know what happent to your family or friend.

someone suddenly disappears and you dont know if he/she is alive or dead, suffering or hungry, raped or abused, brainwashed or tortured etc.


3.       lady in red
6947 posts
 12 Mar 2009 Thu 01:15 pm

This was a very moving article.  Hopefully the time is coming when these people and others like them will get the justice and peace they deserve. 

4.       Kaya´08
 29 Mar 2009 Sun 10:39 pm

Great article, unfortunately however, this also seems to be the case in Cyprus, when Greeks and Turks on occasion give up details of the burial of certain soldiers from the intervention of ´74.

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