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1.       Maviş
28 posts
 24 Aug 2005 Wed 03:45 am

Hi, I thought I would put a post up about Gallipoli, as it doesn't appear to have been advertised that well. It is a Turkish made film by director TOLGA ORNEK, who also wrote it. It is a half documentry style film, half action, some of the more dramatic scenes from the battles have been re-enacted for you, by actors. It is narrated by Jeremy Irons no less, with the help of Sam Neill, but I believe that it is in Turkish and English (I assume some of the experts speak their mother tongue with translations written in English at the bottom).


This is the link to the official site to this film, which can be viewed in Turkish or English. Gallipoli is one of the greatest, yet lesser known battles, which took place in 1915, during the Second World War.

My husband is gagging to see this film, so I looked at some cinema listings for this film, all I could find was that it had been screened in London in April. So, I wrote an email to the production company, EPiK FiLMS, to ask them when the DVD would be available to buy in the UK. They notified me that this film is still to be released nationally in the UK, in normal cinemas, London was just advanced screenings (very advanced!).

So, I'm still not sure as to whether this film is to be released in our local UCI's and Vue cinemas, but keep your eyes open!!

The Gallipoli war (or GELiBOLU in Turkish), is still extremely important to the Turks, so if you have a significant Turkish other, or are interested in Turkey for yourselves, I recommend that you go and check this film out!

2.       Maviş
28 posts
 24 Aug 2005 Wed 04:02 am

Sorry!! It is supposed to be released on September 16th this year.

3.       mara
145 posts
 24 Aug 2005 Wed 11:26 am

i don't know if anyone heared before but there is another " GALLiPOLI" film."Gallipoli" is a 1981 film, directed by Peter Weir and starring Mel Gibson, about several young men from rural Western Australia who enlist in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War( MAVIS wroth, by mistake i think,the second world war). They are sent to Turkey, where they take part in the Battle of Gallipoli.
A sub-text of the film is of "war as a game" and the two main characters are , Archy Hamilton (played by Mark Lee) and Frank Dunne (Mel Gibson).
it is a wonderfull movie, i saw it i think 6 years ago ( i was verry little 12 years old ) so i don't remember good this film. but i remember that i loved it and that i cried at the end .i wish i could see this movie again.

4.       rehan
2 posts
 24 Aug 2005 Wed 03:27 pm

The Mel Gibson Gallipoli film is really not known here in Turkey. I have watched it three times and I think it sums up the futility of the whole campaign and raises the question of why the Anzacs really came the whole way around the world to fight for the King and country.I agree with Mara that it is an excellent film.

5.       Maviş
28 posts
 26 Aug 2005 Fri 05:07 am

Sorry!! I did mean to write World War One!!

We have the Mel Gibson film too, but my husbandwasn't really impressed with it, it was more about the relationship of the two men rather than the war. Not enough battle scenes for him!! And definitely not enough Turks!!

6.       slavica
814 posts
 01 Sep 2005 Thu 09:13 pm

I must agree with Mara and Rehan: Galipoli with Mel Gibson is very, very good film, with strong anti-war message. I had this film on video tape and watched it many times, not because of amazing Mel Gibson's blue eyes but exactly because of this relationship between two young men in one senseless war, far away from homeland. And especially because of wanderful music at the end of the movie. Mara, we all cried at the end.

7.       mara
145 posts
 01 Sep 2005 Thu 11:10 pm

it seems i am not alone and there still are people who apreciate movies that actualy follow a story and not have so many battle scenes. ohh and not to forget to say people who actualy are impressed at the end and sometimes cry

8.       slavica
814 posts
 03 Sep 2005 Sat 05:03 pm

Yes, Mara, thank God, there still are the people who expect from movies some more than only action!
I know that Battle of Gallipoli is one of more important momemts in history of Turkey. I don't know the details (although I would really like to), but I know that the whole world was against Turkey in this moment, trying to conquer it, but they were stopped at Galipoli, thanks to bravery of Turks (this is explanation I've got from my Turkish friends). Event to be very proud!
But I don't think that Peter Weir's GALIPOLI would hurt patriotic feelings of Turks. This movie is not anti-Turkish, on the contrary, it is about senseless of the wars generally, and Battle of Galipoli is used just as a background. Rehan gave a good explanation.
As about the end of the movie – of course we didn't cry because of music. We cryed because of very touching scenes when young people, knowing that are going to sure death, leave their personal things, saying goodbye one to another, since another young man is running with message which would stop the attack and save lifes of soldiers, but who isn't coming in time for part of second, loosing that way his best friend. So STRONG AND MOVING SCENES.
I'm using opportunity to say that I would really like:
1. to recommend everyone to see that movie if posible;
2. to ask our Turkish friends to give us some more informations about The Battle of Galipoli, or maybe some links for sites where we can get those informations by ourselves.
Thanks in advance!

9.       Maviş
28 posts
 04 Sep 2005 Sun 04:23 am

Hello, depending on where you live, www.amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk has quite a lot of dvd's videos etc, about Gallipoli. We bought a documentary DVD from there, called Gallipoli 1915, it is a factual based documentary, that explains the battles in good detail, with maps and animations, with some re-enacted footage. It is a very good DVD, and I would recommend it for people who would like to know more about Gallipoli.

PS - Mel Gibson's film is good, very emotional and touching, I'm not a war monger, I promise!!
My husband was just hoping for more interaction with the Turks in the film, hoping for a glance as to what it was like for them (he's a man, battle scenes are an added bonus!).

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