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The Mountain Plateu (Yayla) Culture in Blacksea Region
1.       TheJanissary
384 posts
 03 Apr 2009 Fri 10:22 am

1- Kadýrga-Otçular Week This takes place on the sloping pastures at Kadýrga, on the boundaries of the Akçaabat, Tonya, Maçka and Torul districts. Next to the little shops and stalls surrounding the area where the festivities take place is a biggish area set aside for worship in the open air. The little shops of Kadýrga are open from May onwards.

The festivities at Kadýrga take place on the third Friday of July. Large groups of people set out from the surrounding villages and encampments to join  in  the entertainment and celebrations. They arriv dressed in traditional costumes, singing and dancing to the accompaniment of the rebec, drum and zurna. The men lead, followed by the women.The procession and dancing are directed by men either on foot or on horseback. They enter the Kadýrga plateau in groups to perform a round dance together, then break up into smaller groups; thus the entire plateau is full of dancing rings of people. This is followed by a feast. The shopping is done in the evening and they then return to their villages or encampments, singing and chatting.



2- The Hýdýrnebi-Karadað festivities These take place in the Hýdýrnebi Mountains of the Akçaabat district on 20 July each year (according to the old calender this would be the seventh day of the Month of the Sicle). The festivities are attended by groups of people from the Akçaabat, Tonya and Vakýfbekir encampments. Hýdýr or Hýzýrnebi must be the site of a saint´s tomb. The festivities are much the same as those at Kadýrga, with a feast, singing and dancing.

3- The Sis Daðý (lit “foggy mountain&rdquo festivities Held at the end of July or beginning of August and organised by the villages around Þalpazarý in the Vakýfbekir district  of  the province, these festivities take place in the encampment on  Sis Daðý. Many visitors  from  the  Beþikdüzü,  Þalpazarý,  Eynesil, rele and Tonya encampments also attend.

Oh, Sis Daðý, Sis Daðý

You could not melt your snows

Let this year, too, pass like that

Oh, worry of my heart

4- The Yayla Ortasý festivities

This event is held on 20 July on the Sultanmurat Plateau of  the çaykara district and is attended by people from Of and Sürmene as well.

Apart from the events mentioned  above, gatherings such as the Honefter, Karaptal and Ýzmis (Sivri Tepesi) festivities are also held.

2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 03 Apr 2009 Fri 06:19 pm

Seems like people are having fun all the time! lol Interesting post, Turkey has such a rich culture!


(P.S. Janissary, if you copied this information from another source you have to provide the link to it, otherwise it´s plagiarism. Just to let you know.)

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