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-Makta ve -Iyor
1.       jehangir
6 posts
 26 Aug 2005 Fri 11:46 am

-Iyor ve -Makta araşındakı fark ne?

What is the difference between -Iyor and -Makta?

Çok teşekkür ederim

2.       creatiff
6 posts
 26 Aug 2005 Fri 04:28 pm

"-ıyor" is commonly used.
"-makta" is used in literary language and not commonly used in daily talk.

3.       erdinc
2151 posts
 28 Aug 2005 Sun 06:56 am

your explanation is very good, well done. Are you a Turkish language teacher?

Let me just add a few more details. First of all lets give a few examples to make it clear for others.

Güneş doğuyor.
Güneş doğmakta.

Sabah oluyor.
Sabah olmakta.

Kitap okuyorum.
Kitap okumaktayım.

Türkçe öğreniyorum.
Türkçe öğrenmekteyim.

The sentences have almost the same meanings. Both forms are present continuous tense. The -mekte, -makta suffix is common in written language but not so much in spoken also it feels more formal and sometimes more progressive.
The -iyor suffix can be sometimes used to express simple present tense while the -mekte suffix cant.
Also it is quite common to use the -mekte suffix together with the declerative suffix -dir.
Türkiye gelişmektedir. Turkia is developing.

Couldnt find much about it in English.

4.       bod
5999 posts
 04 Jan 2006 Wed 03:25 pm

Quoting creatiff:

"-ıyor" is commonly used.
"-makta" is used in literary language and not commonly used in daily talk.

Does Türkçe have distinct forms of the laguage for use in different settings and occasions? Most languages seem to but many have been diluted over time.

For example, would you hear a different linguistic form of Türkçe in a court to you would read in a newspaper?

5.       erdinc
2151 posts
 04 Jan 2006 Wed 03:49 pm

Yes bod there will be some old fashioned expressions and terms in legal documents and official papers such as deed office documents. They are trying to change the terms with modern ones and the old fashioned language and terms are not accepted as a respectable thing but more something that everybody tries to get rid of.

Certainly there are ways within modern Turkish to be more formal or informal. Of course people in a conference or a lecturer in a university wouldnt speak the same way as in daily conversation. So we do have more formal ways to speak but we don't have a full developed linguistic on certain fields. Mostly certain prossions like medical ones have lots of foreign terms, smillarly with engineering. Modern Turkish is still very yound compared to other languages and Ottoman Turkish is something we want to avoid. The short history of modern Turkish language is the history of getting rid of the Arabic and Farsian words of from the Ottoman Turkish towards building a more pure modern Turkish which is close to its origins.
Unfortunetly there is also a danger for Turkish to be affected by English too strongly as people have started to use English words even tough we have some Turkish equivalences.

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