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1.       Hazemhadil
2 posts
 01 May 2009 Fri 09:54 pm


this is first time i post here.. i am confused on the sonra/once rules....


i have read 2 examples:

1A. Hakan ve zeynep alýþveriþten sonra sinemaya gidiyorlar

1B. Onlar sinemadan önce alýþveriþe gidiyorlar


2A. Araba kullanmadan önce ehliyet alýyorum

2B. ahliyet aldýktan sonra araba kullanýyorum 


Now, i cant comprehend when to use (-DAn, -E) and when to use ( DIktan, mAdAn) ....


thanks in advance for your help


2.       tatiyana_
15 posts
 02 May 2009 Sat 02:32 am

The very first examples you gave refer to substantive, and the second ones to verb.


Perhaps these also might be of help for you:

Forum posts:

Other resources:

Anyway, my attempt is the following:

-mAdAn (önce) . Atonic participle
-has the meaning of circumstances of a time with a value of "before ...","until," etc. and refers to an act committed before action expressed by the predicate:

Öðretmen gelmeden önce ders baþlamýyor. — The lesson doesn´t start until teacher hasn´t come.

a, ý, o, u -madan (önce)
e, i, ö, ü -meden (önce)


-mAdAn without önce refers to an act in a negative form ( "not having smth done...") and is opposite to the participle
- (y)ArAk.

Odaya selam vermeden girdi. — He entered a room not greeting (or not saying "hi").



-DIktAn sonra . Participle (time factor)
-  refers to an act that is pre-expressed by the predicate, meaning "after smth has been done...":

Ben geldikten sonra o okumaya baþladý. — After I came he started to read. (or he started reading)

Öðretmen dersaneye girdikten üç dakika sonra zil çaldý. — The bell rang three minutes after a teacher came to class.


a, ý voiced consonant
-dýktan sonra
e, i -dikten sonra
o, u -duktan sonra
ö, ü -dükten sonra
a, ý voiceless/hushing consonant
-týktan sonra
e, i

-tikten sonra

o, u -tuktan sonra
ö, ü -tükten sonra

Edited (5/2/2009) by tatiyana_ [modification]

3.       Hazemhadil
2 posts
 02 May 2009 Sat 12:51 pm

Thanks alot,


That was really helpful.... i am studying right now at Tomer but i must admit that your forums are an excellent tool for improving skills..

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