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Kurban Bayramı
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1.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 07:28 am

for all turkish users


Kurban Bayramı kutlu olsun



and....for american users


Happy Thanksgivings Day

2.       melek08
429 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 08:01 am

Herkese iyi bayramlar!

3.       vineyards
1954 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 08:34 am

I wish everyone a happy feast of sacrifice.


I wish modern technology could be used instead of slaughtering animals in the streets.

I hope no scars are left in the psychologies of children witnessing the slaughter of those animals in a blood bath.

I wish new generation could take this opportunity to remember their parents who raised them.

I wish there is less friction among people and that they take this chance to forgive past mistakes.



4.       melek08
429 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 09:26 am

Well said Vineyards

5.       turkishcobra
607 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 10:22 am


Happy Bayram for all TurkisClass Users, for all Turkiye and for all Islam World.


Hope this Bayram to bring peace and welfare to my beautiful-as-pearldrop country Turkiye, and for the rest of Earth.


Have a nice bayram. 


turkishcobra //


Turkish Translation:


Bütün TurkishClass üyelerine, bütün Türkiye´ye ve İslam Dünyası´na iyi bayramlar dilerim.


Bu bayramın inci tanesi kadar güzel ülkem Türkiye´ye ve Dünya´nın geri kalanına barış ve refah getirmesi umuduyla,


İyi Bayramlar.



turkishcobra //




Edited (11/27/2009) by turkishcobra

6.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 11:06 am

Happy Bayram to all celebrating it!!!

7.       ReyhanL
1961 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 11:34 am

Iyi Bayramlar !

8.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 11:36 am

Happy Bayram classmates

9.       behzadi_elham
78 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 11:48 am

Bayran Kutlamasi

10.       Melike1
388 posts
 27 Nov 2009 Fri 12:17 pm

Bayramınız mübarek olsun !!

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