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wanna move to Izmir and need a job
1.       thanchanok
2 posts
 16 Apr 2010 Fri 07:31 pm

Hi everyone joining the forum. I am from Thailand. I have a future plan to settle down with my Turkish boyfriend in Izmir, so I need a permanent job. Is there any suggestion for acquiring a job in Izmir. The problem is that I am not a native English speaker and now I cannot speak Turkish. Anyway, I´ve earned a Bachelor´s degree in English Literature and Master´s degree in English for Specific Purposes. Moreover, i had two year experiences at the National Research Organization. Is this enough for getting a job?? I m interested in any kind of job (teacher, shop assistant in the tourist areas, etc.) which requires expats like me. Where can i take the TEFL course to obtain a teaching certificate in Izmir if I want to be a teacher?? or i can have the TEFL certificate anywhere. I also plan to take a Turkish class in Thailand soon.


Your advice would greatly appreciated {#emotions_dlg.pray}

2.       Trudy
7887 posts
 16 Apr 2010 Fri 07:40 pm

TEFL is international so you can take it anywhere you like but I would suggest not to take it on line but go to a real course. 

3.       thanchanok
2 posts
 16 Apr 2010 Fri 07:44 pm

Thank you very much for your kind advice.

4.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 17 Apr 2010 Sat 07:57 am

You may have a good future in running a Tai restaurant...

5.       turkaturk
143 posts
 17 Apr 2010 Sat 08:31 am


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6.       Trudy
7887 posts
 17 Apr 2010 Sat 08:38 am


Quoting turkaturk


I am also thinking about taking a TEFL course. Why did you suggest not to take the online course? Is it crappy?

I planned to do that since it is third price. Do you think I would have better chances to get a job with a regular classroom course?

I am interested in the subject.


I haven´t taken a TEFL-course myself yet as I am quite busy by first trying to pass the CPE. Though it is one of the things on my list, like it is on that of some of my class mates and we have been discussing it. It was the advice of my teacher, he said quite a few of the on line courses were not good and/or not really licensed. His advice was not to take a TEFL in a course of once a week but opt for the month-course. If you take such a course in some other country, you can even combine it with a holiday, Prague for instance.

7.       turkaturk
143 posts
 19 Apr 2010 Mon 03:23 pm


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