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Turkey´s opposition leader resigns
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 13 May 2010 Thu 01:56 pm

Turkey´s opposition leader resigns
Turkey´s main opposition leader resigned Monday as the party chairman after a scandal.
10 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi, 14:48:08

Deniz Baykal, leader of the laicist Republican People´s Party (CHP), said, he was "the victim of a conspiracy" following the release of a videotape on the internet.

Last week, a video tape allegedly featuring Baykal having an affair with a female deputy of CHP was released on a video-sharing web-site. Baykal resigned as head of the main opposition party, saying the video of him and a co-worker was the product of a government conspiracy.

"My resignation does not mean running away, or giving in," Baykal told a televised news conference and quit his party during a press conference at the CHP headquarters. Baykal first became head of the Republican People’s Party in 1992 and served as leader intermittently since then. “This is not a tape incident. This is a complot. I will not surrender myself to such an event. I will not allow anyone to question me on this. If that has a cost, and if that’s to leave the CHP, I will pay it.”

The CHP believes the video was uploaded to the Internet in order to weaken the current party leader and administration. According to Baykal, the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AK Party, whose roots lie in political Islam, must have had knowledge of the videotape.

The furious reaction to the secret sex tape uploaded to the Internet allegedly featuring Baykal continues to reverberate through the country. Some allege the tape comes from inside Baykal’s own CHP. Politicians across the board decry the violation of privacy, while news outlets offer varied responses from calling for his resignation, to asking people to ignore the scandal or lamenting the rise of a ‘society of fear.’

Baykal’s resignation comes ahead of a CHP congress slated for May 22, that will now select a new leader before general elections that are due by July next year.

The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor´s Office has launched an investigation to determine who filmed the video and put it online.

His resignation came as the government prepares to send a constitutional reform package to a national referendum. The CHP has threatened to try to block the reforms through the Constitutional Court.


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