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where to study turkish in turkey? do i need turkish student visa?
1.       ayse-eski
422 posts
 19 Sep 2010 Sun 10:47 pm

Hello evryone.

I am looking for help because I am planning to go to Turkey in order to study turkish language. I would like to spend a year there. I heard about the Tömer, is turkish for foreigners, but I know there are plenty of other good schools as well.

I would like to know if its possible to find a job while studying in Turkey, I don´t have an academic degree, I completed the secondary school and I plan to apply to a turkish university after improve my turkish skills.

Could someone help me? I know there are plenty of foreigners studying in Turkey, send me a PM maybe with msn or skype, this way I could ask my doubts clearly.

Please someone help=)

thanks in advance



2.       cybil
1 posts
 11 Oct 2010 Mon 03:54 pm

Dear Ayşe,

I would like to help your questions about turkish course in Turkey.Could you tell me first which city you prefer to stay in there?Because if you consider to stay Izmir,i will keenly advice to you one wonderful turkish course called Turkish Language Center.They have effective courses for all levels with modern environment.Also, they provide accomadation to students if they want.If you interest this course, you can find details in




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3.       Oguzkursat
28 posts
 11 Oct 2010 Mon 10:04 pm

Türkü Dinle Türküler Video

www.turkulervideo.net You can listen Türkü

4.       ayse-eski
422 posts
 18 Oct 2010 Mon 01:08 am

thnaks guys, I think I will take the tomer course =)

5.       Henry
2604 posts
 18 Oct 2010 Mon 06:49 am


Quoting ayse-eski

thnaks guys, I think I will take the tomer course =)


Hi Ayse,

If you use the search button at the top right side of this page, and enter "Tomer and Dilmer" you will see lots of posts regarding these language schools in Istanbul. My friends certainly preferred Dilmer, and the people I know who have tried both, preferred Dilmer because of the teachers they encountered. Maybe it was just luck, but it was also  3 years ago, and I suggest you try to get some recent opinions. I think both schools do an oral assessment of your Turkish skills before class placement.

Another thought is to also try to work through the lessons here and on other sites to reinforce your existing Turkish knowledge. (If you haven´t already done this. Smile  Extra study beforehand will hopefully place you at a higher level when you eventually take up the course in Istanbul. 

Please eventually let this site know your opinion of whichever school you studied at. Learners are always interested on the quality of language schools in Istanbul, and personal opinions from people who studied there are often useful.

6.       ayse-eski
422 posts
 18 Oct 2010 Mon 08:17 am

sure ı wıll keep you guys updated

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