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Scandal on Atatürk´s yacht
1.       si++
3785 posts
 30 Sep 2010 Thu 10:53 am

Scandal on Atatürk´s yacht has ministries sparring

Tourism Minister demanded that the yacht be turned over to his control.

Scandal on Atatürk´s yacht has ministries sparring

Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay demanded that a yacht used by Turkey´s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk be turned over to his control, after the boat was embroiled in a prostitution scandal involving underage girls.

The Tourism Ministry would be better able to oversee usage of the Savarona, which was used by Atatürk in the last year of his life and is currently leased by the Finance Ministry, Günay told reporters in Ankara today. The ministry would consider turning the yacht into a museum, Günay said.

Fourteen people on board the Savarona were detained on Sept. 27 in a raid on an alleged prostitution ring, as the boat lay moored near the Mediterranean town of Göçek, Habertürk newspaper reported. Those detained included foreign businessmen and underage girls brought from Russia and the Ukraine for high-cost prostitution, Habertürk said. The girls were obtained through foreign modeling agencies, it said.


Source: here

2.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 30 Sep 2010 Thu 01:11 pm

{#emotions_dlg.eeek} What?! And who exactly in the Finance Ministry lended this boat to some crazy pedofile businessmen?!

3.       busyb
117 posts
 30 Sep 2010 Thu 05:46 pm

Ooooh I read about this and was shocked! How could they not know who and for what purpose they are "lending" such a boat to! {#emotions_dlg.noway} And who can really believe now that they were not also involved (for reaons I don´t know - money perhaps) but if no-one were to be punished for this then it´s insane! {#emotions_dlg.you_crazy}



4.       recond1te
25 posts
 07 Oct 2010 Thu 04:47 am

Akp at its best.They have to buy that yatch back and return to the ministery of culture.Its a heritage from our founding father we are bound to protect that heritage.Who am i talking to, all they see $$$.Who cares if some businessman throws an orgy part in that yatch as long as we get $$$.

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