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Let\\\\\\\"s replace some foreign words with Turkish words! Part III.
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 21 Feb 2011 Mon 04:06 pm

Adaptör (french origin word) = Uyarlayıcı

Agresif (french origin word ) = Saldırgan

Akustik (french origin word ) = Yankı bilimi or Yankılanım (depends on in what context to use )

Ambiyans (french origin word ) = Hava

Amblem (french origin word ) = Belirtke

Anekdot (french origin word )= Fıkra and Hikayecik

Animasyon (french origin word )= Canlandırma

Animatör (french origin word )= Canlandırıcı

Ankesörlü telefon (french) = Kutulu telefon

Antipati (french)= İticilik,sevimsizlik,sogukluk

Antipati duymak =(french with turkish word added )= Kanı kaynamamak

Antre (french) =Giriş (used for the house )

Arkeoloji (french) =Kazı bilimi

Arkeolog = Kazı bilimci

Aroma (french)= Hoş koku

Asist (english origin word ) =Yardım

Asparagas (spanish origin word )= Şişme haber


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