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Armenian writer grants houses to Turkish foundation
1.       si++
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 26 Feb 2011 Sat 11:50 am

Armenian writer grants houses to Turkish foundation


February 25, 2011 | 13:23

An  famous Istanbul writer of Armenian descent gave his houses, located in one of the most attractive tourist areas of Izmir province, to Nesin foundation created by Turkish writer Aziz Nesin.

Sevan Nişanyan said that he had long pondered on the fate of these buildings, while the Izmir administration’s intention to demolish them accelerated his decision, Turkish Hurriyet newspaper reported. “The houses were created to remind people of beauty and freedom. They do not belong to me, they belong to the village, country and people. I think Nesin foundation will succeed in protecting them from destruction,” he said.

Head of the foundation, Ali Nesin stressed any donation provides for assuming responsibility and promised he would not allow to destroy the buildings, while Nişanyan would remain hotel’s manager. 

The place with houses of unique architectural solutions has become a tourism spot. According to Nişanyan, the authorities were trying to destroy him by this decision. The authorities also decided to demolish illegal buildings of other rural residents.

“If they want blood, there will be blood. Bureaucracy can win this time too, but they will not win the battle as they are fighting against the people,” he said.







Source: here

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2.       si++
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 09 Mar 2011 Wed 09:27 am

Defiant Turkish builder sentenced to three years in prison

Sevan Nişanyan. DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL

Sevan Nişanyan. DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL

Author and linguist Sevan Nişanyan has been sentenced to three years and four months in prison for illegal constructions in a small, historic village in western Turkey. He is also waiting for an appeal in other cases in which he is facing 13.5 years in prison.

Nişanyan came onto the agenda for disputed construction work being done on historic Greek village houses in Turkey’s Western Selçuk district’s Şirince village. He was sentenced to three years and four months in prison during the two separate unlicensed construction cases held in the Selçuk Criminal Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

The first sentence decision was handed down for Nişanyan’s two-room house furnished with stone and illegally built on the İlyastepe Farm. The second sentence was for the “Hodri Meydan” (Challenging) Tower constructed near the same location. Two days ago Nişanyan changed the name of the Hodri Meydan Tower to “Migrant Bird and Wildlife Watchtower” with an announcement he made in the press.

The court charging Nişanyan with a sentence of four years for both crimes first, later decreased the sentence to three years and four months for good conduct. He was also fined 160 Turkish Liras and prohibited from his public duty and stripped of his election license and other political rights. He also took the penalty of not becoming a manager of a foundation, union, club, company, cooperative, political party and was given the punishment of not performing an occupation or art requiring permission of a public institution or a public occupational organization.

Two weeks ago, he was sentenced with 10 months due to the cemetery memorial he created out of a rock in Şirince village’s Kayser Kayası neighborhood.


Source: here

3.       Henry
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 09 Mar 2011 Wed 02:10 pm

Ne yazık!  (What a pity!)

I have enjoyed staying in his accommodation in Şirince and enjoyed the ´village style´ experience. I believe he has had previous problems with government officials ever since he has built on his property. I think his buildings blend well with the existing village. He has helped the town become a bigger tourist attraction, which helps support the local rural population.

He also employs several local people and had a tidy and well maintained property. I guess there is more to this story than just ´illegal´ buildings.

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