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Equal opportunity top issue on Int’l Women’s Day
1.       tunci
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 08 Mar 2011 Tue 12:04 pm

Equal opportunity top issue on Int’l Women’s Day

08 March 2011, Tuesday / TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL

Turkey´s women say they are not given as many opportunities as men in work life, an assertion backed up the steady fall in the number of employed women since the 1990s. According to November 2010 data from the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat), women make up 27.5 percent of work life in Turkey, which ranks lower than any European Union member.

Another report, prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2010 and surveying 20 countries, shows that women fill 12 percent of high-level positions in Turkey and that the country is third from the bottom in terms of female employment.

Research conducted by US-based online employment company Monster reveals that 63 percent of women say women face discrimination, while 64 percent of women respond that housework traditionally left to women, including taking care of the household and children, is the leading reason behind women not getting promoted at work. The research also puts forward that female employment, a key factor in sustainable development, is decreasing due to discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and a lack of childcare facilities at workplaces.

In a demonstration held on the occasion of International Women’s Day in İstanbul’s Kadıköy district over the weekend, participating women said they are subjected to inequalities in work life, receiving the lowest salaries and being the last to have insurance. A spokesperson called on all women to get organized against oppression inflicted on women in every sphere of life.

Women have no place in media

Research conducted by the Media Monitoring Center (MTM) has illuminated the status of female employment in the media sector. Highlighting that women mostly make it into the newspapers in articles on murders, suicide, rape and violence, the MTM said women as employees in the sector is not much better. There are no female editors-in-chief in the national print press. Furthermore, only 15 percent of managing editors are women, according to the research. Women have more space in supplements prepared by publications, with 17 percent of all 1,599 columnists in the national press being women, the results of the research say. The MTM report also reveals that the smallest percentage of female columnists is found in the sports, politics and business bureaus. One striking finding is that sports newspapers do not employ any female columnists.

In the meantime, Turkey’s female artists spoke about what International Women’s Day means for them. Mimosa flowers are the symbol of Women’s Day, author and actress İclal Aydın said, “because the volatile flowers and hard-to-break branches of a mimosa actually describe a woman.” Author Oya Baydar says Women’s Day has been emptied of meaning. It was once the day on which women around the world voiced their demands for equality and rights, she said. Explaining that International Working Women’s Day was launched in memory of 129 workers, mostly women, who protested against poor working conditions in the US in 1857, author Yekta Kopan calls the day a “struggle of liberation.”

Women must take part in every level of politics

As discussions over women’s active participation in politics ahead of the June 12 general elections heat up on International Women’s Day, State Minister for Family and Women’s Affairs Selma Aliye Kavaf has said Parliament is not the only place for which women should vie. While noting that the best place to learn politics is local organizations, Kavaf highlighted during her visit to the Zaman daily’s headquarters on Sunday that politics is work that can only be learned by doing and experiencing. She also emphasized that more women should engage in politics and said she would like to see more female deputies in Parliament. “Until recently, only men have fought to be in politics. Women have kept away. However, women do politics better,” she added.

PM Erdoğan: Discrimination against women inhuman

“I respectfully greet the women who are oppressed, facing harassment, used as cheap labor, subjected to terrorism and victims of töre [patriarchal codes],” Erdoğan said at yesterday’s grand congress of the Turkish Metals Union. Marking International Women’s Day, Erdoğan said discrimination against women is inhuman and added that Turkish traditions place women at the center of the household and social and economic life. Meanwhile, a new bill has been drafted to slow the increasing number of murders of women across the nation. Fatma Şahin, head of the Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) women’s branches, yesterday explained on NTV that anyone threatening women will be liable to punishment even if they inflict no physical violence on women. The bill envisages addressing threats more urgently and with more practical solutions, expanding the authority of police officers

Happy women"s day to all women in the world !

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2.       Aida krishan
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 08 Mar 2011 Tue 01:50 pm


Add quoted text here

Equality of Men and Woman in Islam, and their complementary nature to one another.

In one sense, equality between men and women is possible and reasonable because they are both human, with similar souls, brains, hearts, lungs, limbs, etc. In another sense, equality between men and women is impossible and an absurdity due to their natural differences in physical, mental, emotional and psychological qualities, inclinations and abilities. Between these two we must tread to illuminate how they are equal, and how they are complimentary.

If total equality between all members of the same gender is impossible due to natural differences in strengths and other qualities, regardless of whether the gender is masculine or feminine, then it is definitely impossible between the two genders. Allah, the Exalted and Almighty, says in the Glorious Qur´an:

(And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember (the Grace of Allah).)[51:49]

Even atoms exhibit this dual quality with inter-related and complementary roles played by the positive and negative particles and ions, yet each is an integral part of the whole system of the so called binary basis of all life. Most living beings have male and female sexes for reproduction. As the science of biology teaches us, all mammals have similar traits in their molecular and glandular structures that determine differences in gender. These basic physical, psychological and sexual traits have their definite effects on other spheres of life.

It is natural for a man to need and find fulfillment with a woman and for a woman with a man, since they are created one from the other and for one another. They both are inseparably bound to each other. Neither can they find fulfillment except when in the company of the other as legal and honorable mate and spouse, as Allah (The Almighty) says in His Majestic Book, the Qur´an, mentioned in the two verses cited in the preface:

(O Mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you in the Sight of Allah is the believer who has Taqwa (piety and righteousness). Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.)[49:13]


1) Eqaulity in Basic Humanity

Both the male and the female are equal in terms of their humanity. Islam does not categorize women, for instance, as the source of evil in the world for some & original sin that caused Adam (Peace be Upon Him) to be dismissed from Paradise, or to be the cause of evil in the world by setting loose a Pandora´s box of vices, as some other religious doctrines and fables teach.

Allah, the Exalted and Almighty, states in the Glorious Qur´an:

(O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife (Eve), and from them both He created many men and women...)[4:1]

Allah also states in the Glorious Qur´an:

(Does man think that he will be left neglected without being punished or rewarded for the obligatory duties enjoined by his Lord (Allah) on him? Was he not a mixed male and female discharge of semen pouring forth? Then he became a clot; then (Allah) shaped and fashioned (him) in due proportion, and made him into two sexes, male and female. Is He not able to raise to life those who are dead?)[75:36-40]

Allah illustrated in the verses that He created both sexes from one single source. There is no difference between the two sexes in terms of qualifications in humanity, and each complements the other as the two genders of the species. Islam has abolished and abrogated all the previous unjust laws that demoted women as inferior in quality and nature. The Prophet of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said:

Verily, women are the twin halves of men.

2) Equality in Financial Dealings and Property Ownership

Women are equally qualified and allowed to engage in financial dealings and property ownership. According to Islamic law women can own, buy, sell and undertake any financial transaction without the need for guardianship, and without any restrictions or limitations - a situation unheard of in many societies until modern times.

3) Best of you is the Best to his Womenfolk

Islam indicates that a man who honors, respects and deals with women justly and integrally, possesses a healthy and righteous personality, whereas a man who mistreats them is an unrighteous and unrespectable man. The Prophet of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said:

The most complete believer is the best in character, and the best of you is the best to his womenfolk.

4) Equality in Education and Cultivation

Islam entitles women to the same rights as men in terms of education and cultivation. The Prophet of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said, as reported and authenticated by the scholars of prophetic traditions:

Seeking knowledge is compulsory for each and every Muslim (i.e. both male and female).

Muslim scholars collectively agreed that the word Muslim when used in revealed scriptures includes both male and female, Thus, Islam entitles women to the same right of education in order to understand the religious and social obligations, and obligated them both to raise their children in the best manner, in accordance with the right Islamic guidance. Of course women have certain obligations in bringing up their children that are commensurate to their abilities and men have complementary obligations to finance, protect and maintain according to their added responsibilities in the family unit.

The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said:

Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach puberty, he and I will come on the Day of Resurrection like this.” The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) then joined his fingers to illustrate this.

5) Equality in Social Responsibilities

Men and women have similar obligations and responsibilities to reform and correct the society to the best of their capability. Men and women shoulder the responsibility of enjoining good and forbidding evil equally, as Allah, the Exalted, states in the Qur´an:

(The believers, men and women, are helpers, supporters, friends and protectors of one another, they enjoin all that is good, and forbid all that is evil, they offer their prayers perfectly, and give Zakah (Obligatory Charity) and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah will bestow Mercy on them. Surely Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.)[9:71]

6) Right to Receive Fair Share of Wealth

Men and women have set and determined rights to receive their fair share of wealth, just as they are obliged to give Zakah (Obligatory Charity) according to the set calculation. All Muslim scholars unanimously agree upon this. A woman has her set share of inheritance, which was a right unthinkable in many societies.

Allah (The Almighty) says:

(There is a share for men from what is left by parents and those closely related, and there is a share for women from what is left by parents and those closely related, whether the wealth be small or large: a legal mandatory share.)[4:7]

These are just some of the rights, mentioned here as examples in a summarized way to indicate the comprehensive nature of the Islamic jurisprudence.



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