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How can you tell if you are Turkish ?
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1.       tunci
7149 posts
 28 Mar 2011 Mon 11:31 pm

You can tell you´re Turkish when:
★ You greet those older than you with kissing their hands,
★ You think kolonya (cologne) is the answer to all problems,
★ You can spot another Turk a mile off...and you find yourself saying to your mates "yeah they´re Turkish" wherever you go even if the people you´re pointing out aren´t.
★ You can´t resist buying pismaniye as you go pass Izmit,
★ You buy simit off the highway and nibble on it in your car,
★ You call an older person you´ve never met before "uncle", aunty" or abi,
★ You hide everything from your parents,
★ Your phone is always on silent,
★ Your relatives alone could populate a small city,
★ Everyone is a family friend, or somehow related to you,
★ You love kebabs, iskender.
★ When you have a dinner party there is enough food to last for the next 2 months,
★ You fight over who pays the dinner bill,
★ You always say "open the light" instead of "turn the light on",
★ You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you story of how he had to walk miles to get to school,
★ Your mom seems to think her future lies at the bottom of a little coffee cup...

★ If someone is watching a construction work like a movie.
★ If people cause a traffic jam because they slow down to watch an accident scene

★ If he consumes lots of sunflower seeds while staring at an event.

★  If he later makes a comment like "abi helal olsun adamlar tesis yapmış yaa"..!

You can make this list longer ..!

This is just a humorous look at our beloved Nation,..


Edited (3/28/2011) by tunci
Edited (3/28/2011) by tunci

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2.       Aida krishan
92 posts
 28 Mar 2011 Mon 11:52 pm


Edited (3/11/2013) by Aida krishan

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3.       MeDanone
73 posts
 29 Mar 2011 Tue 07:26 am

Cartoon Network much. Lalalalalalalove makes the world go round. Kiddy cats.


Sorry, this is such a warm and fuzzy article. Fuzz buzz.

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4.       Hindistan
246 posts
 29 Mar 2011 Tue 09:08 am

Oh My God!!! Tunci how could you know that much about Indians..Bravo Tunci {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

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5.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 29 Mar 2011 Tue 10:28 am

If you fight a cold with either an arsenal of antibiotics or your grandmother´s special recipe (involving coffee, lemon, herbs, and whatever lays around the house).

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6.       si++
3785 posts
 01 Apr 2011 Fri 11:02 am


I find many similarities between Serbs and Turks. We tend to avoid seeing the mistakes we commit and instead put the blame on the outside world. I was surprised when I heard that a Turkish TV series broadcasted by Fox TV in Serbia, which is owned by a Greek company, has become a big success in the country. “Serbs watch it and say ‘look how Turks are like us,” I guess. At one stage another Turkish series was also a hit in Greece. Can you imagine? Turkish series, made specifically for Turkish audiences, can appeal both to those living in the Middle East and the Balkans.


And one time, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had said. “A Turk cannot do without an Arab,” adding that “We are like meat and bones with the Arabs.

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7.       denizli
961 posts
 01 Jan 2015 Thu 04:31 pm

I found this list here: http://www.canimbenim.blog.com/2011/11/12/you-know-you-are-turkish-when/


I am copying it here. Are any of these true???


You know you are Turkish when...


  • You take your shoes off before entering a home and you don’t get why non-Turks find that funny.
  • You’ve been asked at least once if you have camels in your country and if you speak Arabic.
  • You always invite people to have a cup of tea before, after or in the middle of an activity or even if there is no activity.
  • Your parents have a minor disagreement and don’t talk to each other for 10 days.
  • You call an older person you’ve never met uncle, aunt or abi.
  • You hide everything from your parents.
  • Your mother does everything for you if you are a male. And you do all the cooking and cleaning if you are a female.
  • Everyone is a family friend or somehow related to you.
  • You love eating kebabs, Iskender and eating in general. You always cook for at least 10 people and at dinner parties there’s enough food for the next two months.
  • You make coffee in a saucepan.
  • You fight over who pays the bill.
  • You always say ‘open the light’ instead of ‘turn the light on’.
  • Your mom thinks the future lies in the bottom of a coffee cup.
  • Your parents compare you to all of their friends kids.
  • No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming for a weekend.
  • If you’re male, you are a football fanatic. It would be unthinkable for you not to support one of the major Turkish teams. And no matter how great you think basketball may be, football is still better. Also you love playing cards (Okey) and you make a bet over everything.
  • You think that you are the greatest nation in the world and other nations are either jealous or want to destroy you.
  • And you think everyone in the world is concerned with what happens in your country. You’re shocked when you learn that some Europeans or Americans are unable to locate your country on a map.
  • You live in a secular country but you believe in God and of course you are Muslim. This means that you might fast during Ramadan yet still have no qualms about consuming alcohol the other 11 months. You’d still go to Heaven though, because God forgives.
  • Your mother can make yogurt from nothing.
  • Some of your male relatives look like mafia in a suit.
  • You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you a story of how he had to walk miles to get to school.
  • You talk with your guests at the door for 20-30 minutes when they are leaving.
  • You show your love and affection to people by physically hurting them (esp. pinching, slapping, biting)
  • You eat olives, cheese and tomatoes for breakfast.
  • You use the day/month/year format: 29/05/1453. (Of course you know what happened on that date.)
  • You studied Ottoman and Republic history in school. But chances are you are getting all your Ottoman rulers mixed up now. You are good with geography
  • You always bargain for everything. After all, everyone who is in the selling business is cin gibi and everything is always overpriced.
  • An hour late is still tolerable.
  • You tan better than everybody else in the sun – and if you don’t this is subject once in a while.
  • Men and women: you get kissed, hugged and squeezed in your cheeks a lot.
  • Your mother is the boss in the house. You adore her and will do everything to keep her happy. But you also think she nags too much.
  • Everyone you know has brown or green eyes.
  • You are convinced that everything your mother does is the way it’s supposed to be done. Even when you’re grown up.
  • Also you are convinced that the Turkish cuisine is the best and you think that the rest of the world eats bland and boring food.
  • And you can defend the statement that baklava, dolma and cacık is originally Turkish, notGreek, with an impressive amount of arguments.
  • You may have broken a lot of rules from the Holy Book but you can proudly say that you never ate pork in your life. And you still fail to understand how other people can eat it.
  • You know at least 40 ways to cook an Aubergine.
  • You drink your tea at boiling temperature.
  • You might lose tons of weight but your butt is still there.
  • If you gain 2 kilo people will tell you you’re getting fat. If you lose 2 kilo they are concerned about your health and appetite.
  • The first thing you say when you make a call is: Neredesin? (Where are you?)
  • Your great grandparents are still alive. And you have at least one family member who exceeds the age of 100.
  • You ask every taxi driver and every new person you meet where he’s from in Turkey.
  • If you’re a man there are two people in your life that you can’t say no to: your mother and your girlfriend/wife.
  • You’re very generous and a great host by nature. And you always tip.
  • If you’re a girl you naturally know how to bellydance.
  • You say no by rising your eyebrows and front head and making a clicking sound with your tongue.
  • When you are abroad and you see a fellow country man you say: we are everywhere.
  • Asking directions in traffic doesn’t hurt your manhood, vacuuming does.
  • Every living room you enter has sofas and matching seats against three walls and a big TV on the fourth wall.
  • You respect older people and offer them your seat in the bus. You greet your grandparents with a kiss on their hand.
  • Your home is very clean, full of crystal and embroidary and overheated in winter. Your sheets and blankets never match.
  • As a baby you were dressed in four layers of clothes and self-knitted vests and wrapped up in blankets when it was only 20 degrees outside.
  • You live at home until you get married. But your mother will never stop worrying if you eat enough and if your laundry is clean.
  • After a night out you want to eat soup.
  • You always have a ‘friend’ to call to speed up the process if something needs to be fixed, arranged, bought or done. Even for official paperwork.
  • You add salt to everything you eat and before you even taste it.
  • A meal without bread is incomplete. And bread is always white.
  • If you’re not married by 25 your mother starts looking for a suitable partner for you.
  • You always say Inshalla if you want to postpone a decision and Mashalla after a compliment.
  • You can open a sunflower seed with your teeth in less than a second and eat 100 of them within one minute. And you love to eat raw plums called Erik, with salt of course.
  • You smoke.. a lot! and probably started at 16.
  • You believe in destiny and that everything happens for a reason.
  • You are pretty sure that Turkish men are more handsome and better lovers than everyone else.
  • You don’t make out with your girl/boyfriend in public.
  • You are a night person and you love to sleep in till noon. Or, you just love to sleep.

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8.       denizli
961 posts
 24 Jan 2015 Sat 04:27 pm

Quoting tunci

You can tell you´re Turkish when:

You can make this list longer ..!


No problem, I have come up with a few:


  • When you are picking someone up and they are not standing outside ready when you arrive, you will start honking your horn repeatedly.

  • If your fiancé isn’t Turkish, your parents will continue looking for a Turkish boy/girl for you.

  • You clap your hands to show disappointment.

  • Turkish Women: You look at least 5 years younger than non-Turkish Women your age.

  • When you are with family, you pretend your Alcoholic Drink is a Soft-drink, even if you’re over 40.

9.       Jansay
56 posts
 24 Jan 2015 Sat 05:00 pm

Haha! All so true!


Though we don´t actually "clap" our hands to show disappointment, we sort of smack one palm with the back of the other hand. But I´m sure that´s what you meant.

Edited (1/24/2015) by Jansay

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10.       raydin
135 posts
 25 Jan 2015 Sun 12:00 am

I´ve got some

you always wear slippers in the house because you believe the cold will enter through your feet and make you sick. 


You don´t sit on hard surfaces only on rugs or carpeting because you believe your bottom will get cold causing you to get sick.


You don´t eat yogurt straight from the fridge because you believe it will also make you sick.  


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