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Circassians in Turkey rally for their rights
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 18 Apr 2011 Mon 10:38 pm

Circassians in Turkey rally for their rights

2.       si++
3785 posts
 19 Apr 2011 Tue 10:23 am


Quoting tunci


Yes, their mother tongue is in bigger danger in their motherland (in Russia). They should first do something about it.

3.       vineyards
1954 posts
 19 Apr 2011 Tue 12:48 pm

They have a right to hold on to their identities which they often do. Circassians have a strong attachment to their culture. Having lived in Turkey for a century, their past few generations have become Turkified. Anyone with any amount of IQ would understand that this happens because of constant exposure to another culture.

Circassians escaped from an absolute death and took shelter in Turkey. They were sent to cities usually in large groups where they formed their own communities which are still stronge to date. If we encourage Turks in Germany or elsewhere to adapt to the local ways we are effectively asking them to abondon their culture and become assimilated. There are lots of people advocating this. The other option remains is leaving the country and that´s exactly what our ultranationalist parties advocate. They say: "Either love and work for this country or leave it."

Here is my magic formula: all cultures are valuable and they must be supported. Nevertheless, leaving in a country as citizen entails one to obey or observe certain sets of rules or values which may differ from their own. In return, local people must pay respect to the values of the people who identify themselves differently. This is more or less what people automatically do as long as there are good intentions and a proactive relationship between the two sides. For example, thanks to their perseverence in remaining loyal to their roots, the Polish population of Polonezköy has undergone only a limited amount of assimilation due to the facts that they could remain productive, cooperative and appreciative of the host culture. Because of these aspects of their society, their village is always full of curious locals and they make good money from tourism. Polonezköy is a very interesting place; much like a test tube. I geniunely believe, it would not be easy to replicate the same thing in any European country. What worked here was isolating a community in a village allowing them to create their own village and encouraging relationships with the locals.

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