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Headscarved girl shares same fate as mother after 20 years
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 21 Apr 2011 Thu 01:25 pm

Headscarved girl shares same fate as mother after 20 years

21 April 2011, Thursday / ABDULLAH ÖZYURT/ZIYA İPEK , ADANA

                                          Şaziyenur Erdoğan

An Adana high school student was prevented from publicly receiving an award she had won in a poetry contest because she was wearing a headscarf, which was a source of disappointment both for the girl and her mother, who was also exposed to similar treatment due to her head covering 20 years ago.

Şaziyenur Erdoğan ranked first in a poetry contest organized on the occasion of Police Week. An award ceremony was held in Adana’s Atatürk Park. The Adana Police Department called the Erdoğan family and said Şaziyenur would receive her award during the ceremony after reciting her poem. However, Erdoğan was not invited to the stage to pick up her award because she wears a headscarf. She collected her award after the ceremony ended and everyone had left the park.

The incident drew strong reaction from the family. Mother Serpil Erdoğan said she was expelled from university due to her headscarf 20 years ago. “It is worrisome to see that nothing has changed since then,” she said.

According to Şaziyenur, everything was initially normal during the ceremony. While speeches were being delivered for Police Week, the students in the competition were preparing to take the stage. However, she was asked to call her parents. Adana Police Chief Salih Kesmez was told that the student who ranked first in the competition was wearing a headscarf, and the police chief reportedly ordered police officers to stop her from ascending to the podium. While Şaziyenur was removed from the area where the ceremony was held, those who ranked second and third in the competition were given their awards. After the ceremony had ended, a police officer gave Şaziyenur her award as the girl burst into tears.

Serpil Erdoğan was also very disappointed after the incident. “We were very happy when our daughter ranked first in the competition, but we were distressed by the treatment we were exposed to much more,” she said. Today’s Zaman asked Adana Police Chief Kesmez about the incident. He said Erdoğan was not allowed to receive her award on stage since the ceremony was an official one. He added that he plans to invite Erdoğan to his office to present her award again. 

Note : Yes, Nothing has changed since then...

2.       Burak7777777
96 posts
 21 Apr 2011 Thu 01:41 pm

these things are bound to happen until things change. people should take more care in the meanwhile. becouse in politica the actors remain same, what happens happens to people.

my whole ancestors had moustache on their faces in the past but i had to shave it while going to highschool.


and you cant enforce empathy to peoples lifestyles by deprieving them of their rewards anyway. if they hadnt cut the way for education and free way of thinking in such a bloody way in the past there wouldnt be problems like this to begin with.

3.       scalpel
1472 posts
 21 Apr 2011 Thu 06:10 pm

I can´t believe a Police Chief would dare to do that...I can´t believe a Police Chief would be so crazy as to do that... If he was, Ar-Ti-El would chop his head off without wasting a minute.{#emotions_dlg.lol_fast} If his head is still there on his shoulders, we can say that "the news" is not credible. 

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