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The forgotten mosques of the Bosporus
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 May 2011 Sun 10:18 am

Boğaz´ın unutulmuş Cami´leri.

The forgotten mosques of the Bosporus

01 May 2011, Sunday / ESRA KESKİN, İSTANBUL

Bezm-î-Âlem Valide Sultan Mosque, located in front of İnönü Stadium, is made of marble and stone and has two minarets. It was opened in 1855.


It is possible to see hundreds of people praying together during the noon prayer at the Blue Mosque or the morning prayer at the Eyüp Sultan Mosque in İstanbul.

The high level of attendance usually associated with selatin mosques -- a selatin mosque is a grand mosque, usually with more than one minaret, built by sultans or their family members and named after them -- is not often seen in mosques located by the shores of the Bosporus. At the Ali Pertek Mosque the imam leads prayers alone or with a few people most of the time. The mosque, which is surrounded by dozens of cafes and hundreds of people, is generally empty and silent. Touring Bosporus mosques, one could say there are very few people who pray at these mosques except for the Ortaköy, Beylerbeyi, Fındıklı Molla Çelebi, Dolmabahçe and İskender Paşa mosques. All of the Bosporus mosques in İstanbul are surrounded by cafes, restaurants, parks and coffeehouses. Despite this, the gates of these mosques are locked except for when the call to prayer rings out.

Bosporus mosques on the Anatolian side

Şemsi Pasha Mosque: Located in one of the most beautiful spots alongside the Bosporus in Üsküdar, the mosque is also known as the Kuşkonmaz Mosque. It is said that the mosque has the smallest külliye [Islamic religious and social complex] built by Mimar Sinan. One of the most striking features of the mosque, which has been gracing the Salacak shoreline with all its magnificence, is a public library on its premises that has 27,000 books.

Üryanizade Mosque: It is a wooden mosque in Üsküdar. It has a minaret that is four meters tall. It is possible to watch the sea from the benches in its courtyard. This mosque in Kuzguncuk was built as a masjid in 1860 and was turned into a mosque in 1889.

Hamidi Evvel Mosque: This mosque, which is also known as the Beylerbeyi Mosque, was built by Sultan Abdülhamit I in 1778 in memory of his mother, Rabia Sultan. It has two minarets and 55 windows. The big wooden gate of the mosque opens out onto the Bosporus.

Kaymak Mustafa Paşa Mosque: Located in Çengelköy, this mosque was constructed by Mustafa Paşa, who served as the fleet admiral for the Ottoman Navy, during the Tulip Era in 1720. Vaniköy Mosque: Vaniköy Mosque is one of the few Bosporus mosques that has regular attendants who visit at times other than during Friday prayers. There has always been sycamore tree in its courtyard. The mosque was built by Vani Mehmet Efendi in 1665. The mosque, which gave its name to the neighborhood around it, is only unlocked at prayer times.

Kandilli Mosque: Kandilli Mosque is a two-story wooden structure just behind the Kandilli seaport. According to accounts, the mosque’s mihrap was brought to the mosque from another mosque in 1632.

Kanlıca İskender Paşa Mosque: This mosque is relatively more crowded and lively than other Bosporus mosques. There is a tomb and fountain in the mosque’s courtyard and women selling handicrafts. There are also tea houses in front of the mosque, which was constructed in 1560.

Bosporus mosques on the European side

Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque: This mosque, located in Kabataş, is one of the works of Mimar Sinan. It was constructed in 1586. Although the mosque is located on a busy street, it also suffers from low attendance. When you pray in this mosque, you can see the Maiden Tower right before you.

Bezm-î-Âlem Valide Sultan Mosque: It is also called the Dolmabahçe Mosque due to its location. Located in front of İnönü Stadium, the mosque is made of marble and stone and has two minarets. It bears the name of the mother of Sultan Abdülmecit and was opened in 1855.

Büyük Mecidiye Mosque: It is also known as Ortaköy Mosque as it is located in the Ortaköy neighborhood of İstanbul. The mosque is one of the works of art the Balyan family gave to İstanbul and was built in 1853. It has a unique location and a view of beautiful scenery along the Bosporus. Light is reflected off the Bosporus and lights up the inside of the mosque through its large windows.

Defterdar [Treasurer] İbrahim Paşa Mosque: It is located on the left side of the Bosporus Bridge. Unlike the Ortaköy Mosque, which draws a huge crowd, Defterdar İbrahim Paşa Mosque is not very crowded. Built in 1661, the mosque has just been restored and its yard has been relandscaped, but this has made no difference in the number of people going to the mosque.

Hümayûn-u Âbad Mosque: Also known as Bebek Mosque, it is one of the most beautiful and simple mosques along the Bosporus. There are hundreds of people in the parks and restaurants around the mosque, which was built in 1912, but there are not any people in the courtyard of the mosque. Only a handful of people gather at the mosque during prayer times.

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2.       Aida krishan
92 posts
 01 May 2011 Sun 09:50 pm


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3.       Elliebes
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 01 May 2011 Sun 10:33 pm

I like this its very beautiful! 

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4.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 02 May 2011 Mon 03:35 am

Thank you so much for this information.  It will be lovely to make a tour of these (or some of them) in the summer.

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