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New Internet regulation to put Turkey among top censoring countries
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 04 May 2011 Wed 03:03 pm

New Internet regulation to put Turkey among top censoring countries

04 May 2011, Wednesday / TODAYSZAMAN.COM


An Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) regulation set to come into effect on Aug. 22 will place Turkey among the world´s top Internet censoring countries.

The regulation, named “Procedures and Principles Regarding the Safe Use of the Internet,” brings four compulsory filtering options to Turkey´s Internet users, who will have to pick one of them. The filters are “family,” “child,” “domestic (inland)” and “standard.” The criteria by which websites will be filtered will be determined by the BTK. Circumventing these measures will be considered a crime and anyone doing so or attempting to do so will face heavy fines. Many websites are expected to be blocked by the filters irrespective of their content.

Similar measures attempting to control access to cyberspace are used in other countries, including China, Cuba and Iran, all notorious for Internet censorship. Arda Kutsal, owner of the popular blog webrazzi.com, argues in an article that the BTK move rivals China´s Golden Shield Project, aka the Great Firewall of China, a censorship and surveillance project carried out by the Ministry of Public Security of the government of the People´s Republic of China.

The issue of Internet censorship was already brought to public attention when a list of forbidden words was earlier announced as part of the regulations.

The news sparked a nationwide outcry as media reports on Tuesday referred to the date when the regulations will come into effect as the “death of the Internet.” Shortly after reports on the “death of the Internet” came out, Aug. 22 (22 Ağustos, in Turkish) became one of the hottest topics in Turkey and worldwide in social media.

Civil society has already launched campaigns against the new regulations. A website, imza.la, has started a campaign under the name “No to Aug. 22 Internet Coup” while thousands of people have joined events on Facebook protesting the filters.

In the meantime, the IPS Communication Foundation-Independent Communications Network (Bianet) filed a suit at the Council of State in April in order to stop the implementation of the new BTK regulations affecting access to the Internet. The foundation states in its petition that the new regulations lack legal grounds and limit without oversight basic rights and freedoms that are accepted by the Constitution and international conventions. The BTK has not yet issued a statement about the ongoing discussions.

2.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 04 May 2011 Wed 04:16 pm

I still don´t know what to say except that it reminds me of the USSR and how it controlled the flow of information to its people to such a high degree.  Do Turkish citizens really need/want the government to act as a babysitter of morality? 

3.       MrsBee
190 posts
 04 May 2011 Wed 05:51 pm

The freedom of speech in Turkey is cruely being sufficated, I hope it won´t die.

What can we do?


4.       armegon
1872 posts
 04 May 2011 Wed 06:59 pm

Nothing at the moment, that train was a missed a time ago...

Quoting MrsBee

What can we do?




5.       si++
3785 posts
 05 May 2011 Thu 09:29 am


Quoting armegon

Nothing at the moment, that train was a missed a time ago...




Then we should learn to live with that regulations. I give it a thought and I think there won´t be too much problem on my side.

6.       armegon
1872 posts
 05 May 2011 Thu 06:51 pm

Yeah we should, we will get used to this slowly I am sure, before we have been talking, we could access the banned sites via using proxy or DNS, so no problem and now it is decided to pass next stage of filtering which again we will say no problem and in the end we will be accessing to the sites decided by our advanced democratic government. I bet you know we are talking about the mentality here that could not bear the site of Richard Dawkins because of their beliefs.Wink

For now it seems they changed their decision a little for a while after a lot reactions...

Quoting si++



Then we should learn to live with that regulations. I give it a thought and I think there won´t be too much problem on my side.



7.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 08 May 2011 Sun 11:53 am

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. - Benjamin Franklin

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